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PlayStation 3 Repair ‘While You Wait’

298764946 1d4e03383f m PlayStation 3 Repair While You Wait
by RW PhotoBug

Article by Media Solutions Marketing

The best gaming product on the market is the playstation 3, you are at last happy with your purchase and can game away to your hearts content, but sometimes, just sometimes, things don’t work out as you would expect, you may have encountered a problem, an error message pops up, and you cannot bear to be without your precious console, for too long, so what do you do, you take it to a reputable PS3 repair service.

PS Pros when it comes to playstation repairs is the whole package, and second to none in terms of any fault you may encounter with your console. Over time you may come across the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) causing your system to immediately shut down after turning it on, or freezing, your PS3 will suddenly freeze on you, which of course makes playing impossible, or is your PS3 not reading games, its taking longer than usual to load, not accepting discs, or you may get an error message “cannot find correct hard disk”, maybe your PS3 is not showing up on the TV, no red light on your PS3, these are just some of the faults you may come across, but do not worry help is at hand.

PS Pros repair facility based in London has the perfect combination of a repair service you will find, giving customers options of how to deal with a faulty console. Firstly on offer is the same day mail-in repair service, with the best price guaranteed. You may find that other repair shops will take days to repair your system, don’t wait, get in touch with PS Pros and they will arrange a pickup of your console at your location and delivery for no charge.

On the other hand if you are local to the London area, on offer is a ‘while-you-wait’ service and this includes Saturdays. The company is very easy to contact you can go online and check out what services are on offer, then you can contact by telephone or Email.

So why would you deal with this company for all your playstation 3 repairs the facts speak for themselves. The parent company, eSales, Inc. Is one of the leading playstation 3 and Xbox 360 refurbishers in the United States and United Kingdom. Playstation 3s are their speciality and they are very well regarded within the industry. As a direct result of the repair methods they have refined, this company has an exceptionally high percentage of systems that are repairable by them, compared to their competitors.

With an extremely fast turnaround time for any size order, for example, many wholesales refurbishing orders have been completed in just one business day. PS Pros give a professional, responsive and personal service, and offer a direct point of contact by assigning a dedicated member of their team to you and all your needs.

Play station repairs cost from 30 to

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Fix PS3 Flashing Lights – How to Do it With Simple PlayStation 3 Repair Tips

299566166 0f5f963d49 m Fix PS3 Flashing Lights How to Do it With Simple PlayStation 3 Repair Tips
by Sunfrog1

Is your PlayStation 3 blinking lights instead of working properly? Want to learn how to fix PS3 flashing lights? Of course you do, you want to get back to playing that awesome system. So let me give you some tips that I used to fix my PlayStation 3 blinking light problem

Fix PS3 Flashing Lights With These Simple Tips:

Check and make sure none of the plugs are damaged or not plugged in all the way.
Let’s power down the system and unplug all your hookups. Now re-plug them back in and try it.
Take out the PlayStation 3 hard drive for 10-15 minutes and then put it back in and turn the system on.
Finally clean off all the dust around the system, dust can cause the PlayStation 3 flashing lights if you’re not careful.

So these tips should definitely help fix PS3 flashing lights if you try them. Sadly, they don’t work 100% of the time. Although that’s the case, I can help you if you are still getting blinking lights after trying these strategies.

Send Your PlayStation 3 to Sony And Let Them Repair the Flashing Lights

If you don’t mind sitting back and waiting for 4 or 6 weeks to get your console back, this is the best option if the above repair tips didn’t work for you. But be warned, if your warranty has expired you will be forking over $ 130 or more, in some cases. If that doesn’t sound ideal, then here’s the second option:

Fix that PlayStation 3 Flashing Lights at Home

Home repair, otherwise known as PS3 do-it-yourself repair, is becoming popular because it’s much simpler than people realize. You can easily take the PlayStation 3 apart and fix the problem that is cause the red light issue, as well as other common problems. I wouldn’t advise doing this unless you’re an expert with consoles or unless you have a repair guide to help you, though.

So these tips can usually help you fix PS3 Flashing Lights and save you some time and money. If you want to learn more about how a repair guide can help you fix your PlayStation system at a fraction of the price that you’d pay to have Sony fix it, then I highly advise you learn more about PS3 Repair Guides by clicking that link.

Article Source:

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Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Cause and Repair

Since its release over two years ago it has been estimated that at least one third of all Xbox 360 consoles will be affected by the red light error problem. Today you are going to learn about Xbox 360 three red lights, causes of it and methods of repair.

So, what has caused the three red lights error on your Xbox 360?

There are two major causes of the “red ring of death” on the Xbox 360. The first one is due to overheating, because of inadequate cooling devices inside the case. Essentially there is too much heat in too small of an area. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the Xbox 360 is essentially a powerful computer that has been placed in a much smaller case, with far fewer cooling devices such as fans or heatskinks. Most cases of the red light problem appear to be caused by this, however, there is another fairly common reason behind it.

General hardware failures can be caused by problems such as a loose graphics processing unit, processor or memory chips. Unlike the overheating error, this cause of the three red lights problem does not give any prior warning. One day your console can be working fine, the next it can stop functioning completely apart from the ominous red lights on the front of it.

Is it possible to fix the three red lights error?

Yes, and it you can do it without having to purchase a new console or send your current faulty one back to Microsoft, However, you will need to buy an Xbox 360 repair guide in order to determine the exact cause and repair method required in your specific case. They can be found online from a number of websites. Here’s what to look for when buying an Xbox 360 repair guide

1. A price of less than $ 40

2. Secure payment processing (PayPal etc)

3. A minimum 30-day money back guarantee.

4. High quality video and audio files.

5. Customer testimonials on the product information page.

By using a repair guide which fulfills all of the above criteria, your will be able to carry out your own Xbox 360 three red lights repair, in a small amount of time (around 1-2 hours) and using only basic tools.

Click here to learn more about an easy step-by-step Xbox 360 repair guide at Xbox 360 Central that will allow you to repair your Xbox 360 in under two hours in the comfort of your own home. It meets all of the above criteria and is the only repair guide I could ever personally recommend as I have used it myself. Read free reviews on the top repair products and learn more about the Xbox 360 three red lights error.

James Philipson has been involved in the electronics industry for over 10 years and has repaired more than 30 Xbox 360 consoles since the platform’s release over two years ago. Please visit one of the links above and you will be able to download a free copy of his “What Causes The 3 Red Lights Error” report.

Article Source:

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The Dilemma of an Xbox 360 With No Picture

97421819 69a96b52dc m The Dilemma of an Xbox 360 With No Picture
by Long Zheng

Article by Jack Bush

The popularity of the Xbox 360 is not what is on your mind when it gives you no picture. Isn’t the video extremely important to play video games?The fact is that at times Xbox 360 can lose video feed. Basically, overheating is a problem.Inside the Xbox console are many high tech electronics. The much needed air that cools off the various parts does not have much wiggle room in the console with all those electronics crammed in there. Long periods of playing the system results in intense heat buildup which in turn leads to no picture.

The Xbox 360 no picture problem can generally be fixed. A simple fix is to turn it off for an hour. It should be cooled down enough to play then.If you can avoid overheating any more, you should have perfect picture. Further overheating will result in no picture once again. Having to stop playing their favorite games is irritating to any gamer whether this problem is serious or not (which it is not).

Apparently the clamps holding the GPU to the motherboard do not like heat and loosen their grip when it gets too hot. You lose video when it gets so hot and the clamps get so loose that the graphics processor unit becomes detached from the motherboard breaking the electrical connection. Still having the problem? Consider sending it to a Microsoft repair center where they can fix it. If your warranty is voided for any reason, then you could be paying $ 150 out of pocket. The wait for the repairs is around six weeks.

Try improving the flow of air around your system before you send it off. Do not store it or play on it while on a bookshelf or in a cabinet.Keep your console away from other electronics as they also generate heat. Air circulation can be improved just by opening a window and sitting your console near by. Keeping the air moving by way of a small fan is a great method of keeping the airflow constant.

Having decided to use a repair guide and shop online, you need to keep caution as a close friend. You will find that there are some good guides out there online, but that there are some really bad ones that you need to avoid. Find out what others have used and which ones they recommend. No need to do what others have already done. Consider what your friends have experienced. All you want is your xbox 360 no video problem gone and your system able to play games.

If you choose not to send your console away to Microsoft and pay them to fix it and not play for two months, then you can choose to repair it yourself. The xbox 360 3 red lights fix guide is here to help you. More information can be found in the review on James Dean’s xbox 360 3 red light fix…

Don’t Wait to Fix Your xbox 360 red light Problem. Download the xbox 360 3 red light fix Pro Guide and Get it Done!

If you don’t want to give 0 to Microsoft service center or wait for 2 months to Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix. Here is your step by step professional Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix Guide. Read the James Dean’s Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Review for more…
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5788749224 22d98be864 m XBOX 360 REPAIR
by josh-ferris


The Common problems of the Xbox 360 console
Microsoft first released the Xbox 360 in 2005, it has since grown immensely in popularity. Despite the acceptance of the XBox 360 as a quality product, and its overall delivery of promises to users, numerous operational issues have been discovered. (Any product based on intricate electronic circuitry would be expected to have this..

The Xbox 360 red ring of death is a common error that makes it virtually impossible to do anything with the console. Independent analysts of the xbox 360 red ring of death said the problem could be a result of graphics card soldering mistakes; Microsoft however has not been too forthcoming with the details of what could be causing the problem. Microsoft has tried to fix this problem, and it is no longer as common.

In addition to the “red ring of death,” another common problem experienced with the XBox 360 is an E74 error related to video problems within the console Due to the repetitive, and most common, issues with the “red ring of death” and the E74 error, Microsoft began extending warranties to three years.

A less common problem experienced by XBox 360 users is an error message labeled Open Tray. This happens when the game console is unable to read a file from a disk. (CD) or a Digital Video (DVD)The console sometimes completely loses memory of the disk it has attempted to read at which time the user has the choice to open the tray. Unlike the first two problems of Xbox 360, which are rooted in the sensitive circuitry part of the console’s core as described earlier, the open tray error is thankfully to do with the ‘local’ parts of the console responsible for CD/DVD reading, sorting out this error is as easy as cleaning the lasers which reads these devices cleaned.
You feel like tearing your hair out when you are engaged in a game and it suddenly stops on you.

Lets suppose you have an Xbox 360 that often freezes in the middle of your games and this happens quite often to you. Perhaps you would be aspiring to learn what is the root cause of the Xbox 360 freezing and what is to be done by you about the same.

If you are faced with frequent Xbox 360 freezing issues, one think to take into consideration is that such free-ups could be an ominous sign of additional serious faults with the console on the way. Undoubtedly, instances of the Xbox 360 freezing often are known as among the classic signs that an Xbox 360 red ring off death error is due to happen very soon. One of the most common Xbox 360 problems – the Xbox 360 ring of death – occurs as a result of errors in the graphics chip of the console.

Equally frustrating is the occurrence of the XBox 36 console and other parts of it freezing. (for example a hard drive.)This causes hard disk access to fail.

Handling the freezing instances in Xbox 360 is not that convenient and that is the bad news about it. If your drive crashes without warning, then you’re basically stuck; however, you can resort to cutting off the power and then rebooting to see if it clears for the moment. The same problem usually will not occur again for months.. If the problem continues for too long, you might consider taking the device to a technician for repair, or even back to the vendor that sold it to you if the warranty is still valid.

If the Xbox freezes then it is a sign of warning of the impending red ring death, you can do very little to avert this red ring death, though mostly you have to switch the Xbox off, let it cool down and switch on again like most Microsoft products, and this will sort out the matter.

I am an Xbox 360 fanatic dispite the problems that we have with the xbox 360 and actually injoy fixing them. For this and more of my tips to xbox repair check out my site http://myxboxrepair.comAlso see my other blogs

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Very best Computer Repair – Quickly and Flawless

5971757184 73c2ea0a30 m Very best Computer Repair Quickly and Flawless
by vdowney

Article by maria taylor

Computer repair is an important approach that helps to sustain your computer so that it is in a position to function effectively. The computer is a toll just like the car you are driving and if you not paying out attention to its upkeep it is just the situation of the correct hand not knowing what the left is doing. There are different computer repair services that you can take your computer for suitable diagnosing. However, it is equally essential that you seek the services of capable computer repair services that will do your computer much more great than hurt. With a well repaired and taken care of Pc, there is no doubt that you are going to have a quickly and much more effective computer.

Computer repair need to be first and flawless so that you end up having it working as efficient as the new one. Lest you neglect this process is not as hard as you may think. As a matter of reality, most of the companies supplying these companies are able to come to your home or the company spot exactly where your computer is positioned. As a result they are in a position to do on web site computer repair that is more reliable as they carry along all the essential tolls that are needed to do the services. Rightly so, you will be saved the extra expense and time you could have utilised to get it to the repairing station by yourself.

One point that will not only appall you but depart you astonished as well is the fact that these companies can be completed online. There are technicians who give a quick remote computer assist. Far from that, this can also be attained with a conversation or message texting around the phone. In this way, you will have attained incomparable satisfaction and if you are a business person you will not encounter any delays that could eventually cost you. With all that said and done, there is undoubtedly no require for you to stay at home with a malfunctioning computer when the computer repair services are just a phone call away.

There are several fields of computer problems that are sorted out at the computer repair. Predicaments ranging from windows, Mac and Linux are all sorted out. The other significant solution that is addressed quickly is the server network problem. It is also of considerably significance and essence for you to bear in mind that most of the firms providing computer repair are adequately outfitted with assistance applications that can support your computer regardless of place or nature of operate you have for the computer. Other troubles that can be managed contain virus removal and handling of crushed PCs. The approach of laptop failure and information recovery is well catered for.

Do not forget to check computer repair. Click Here To Know More About computer repair.

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Using Stories to create Software

42131835 19719134b2 m Using Stories to create Software
by TaranRampersad

Article by Don Ovan

At Intelligaia, we love writing stories to help create usable softwares. Human stories create an empathic atmosphere of common understanding. Each of our designs has a story to tell. Story telling is an art that we have successfully weaved into our design services

“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever”Storytelling has been around since time began – it was the way people passed down their history and legends before we started writing and storing things. The ancient Vedas are a compilation of stories which are handed over from race to another. Storytelling is a part of life, intrinsic to most cultures. Stories were found to stimulate the imaginations and thinking power of a child. Since then, fairy tales has been a hot favorite amongst children of all ages. Human stories create an empathic atmosphere of common understanding.At TED – one of the most successful platforms for sharing stories the world over, people tell stories to inspire others and see it as an opportunity to engage with others.

At Intelligaia, we love writing stories to help create usable softwares.

Software should empower people. It should make them feel in control. Not confused. Not lost. Interactions Designs play a very important role in ‘defining’ a software or device. Thinking in terms of interactions using device/technology in different settings and environments sets the stage for initiation of the stories. Our wireframe designers take notes from paper prototyping, specs provided by you, reference links, and take calls to understand the product.

Interviewing the customer before we start work on a design project is an integral part of our Design Services. Client briefs are like stories, they have certain tasks which they want done. We create UX Designs around these stories. It is important for the client to believe in our conviction of how to use these stories. To have trust in us to know what is good for their business in terms of design.

Our Interaction Designers visualize these interactions with the engineering team. Decisions regarding design iterations vs design experimentation, who approves the final UI, scope for flexibility of timelines, our process opposed to other processes are facets of various situations that we handle as part and parcel of our design services.

We love to see the stories magically transform into usable software. Our Software Engineers then develop the software. Software that transforms the way the users feel and experience. Software that impact a million! We conduct usability review in a team comprising QA, Usability Experts, and a Designer/UX. This helps us look at the product from different perspectives. We generate reports on our findings like ‘Flow’ starting from new registration, buying a product, display of error messages to how the real estate for a software is used. The work we do makes a huge impact on the final product.

Each of our designs has a story to tell. Story telling is an art that we have successfully weaved into our design services. Would you like to share a story or two? Who knows it may transform the way you think icon smile Using Stories to create Software

For more information on css engineers and wireframe artists please visit our website

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Playstation 3 Red Light Fix

430374966 1b7d874731 m Playstation 3 Red Light Fix
by Charlie Brewer

Article by ricky tana

Got the playstation 3 red light error? Want it to be fixed? This error is caused by heat, and it’s not easy to fix. And for exactly this reason, many people will tell you to send your console over to Sony and pay $ 150. But I won’t tell you that… Sure, to repair it may be hard, but it’s not impossible to do it by yourself…

Some tips that may fix your Playstation 3 red light problem

1) Restart your console.2) Check for loose cables.3) Unplug all cables except the power cord, and plug it back in.4) Pull out the hard-drive, and get it back in.

If these tips didn’t fix your Playstation 3 red light problem, then you either send your console over to Sony, or you will fix the problem by yourself with a Ps3 repair guide.

Playstation 3 red light fix by Sony?

As I’ve said before, this option is really expensive. Also, it’s very time consuming. You’ll have to wait 2-6 weeks before you can get your console back. So it’s better to avoid this option right…? There’s only 1 way to avoid this option….

Playstation 3 red light fix by yourself with a Ps3 repair guide

This option is actually the best that you’ve got. This is because it’s cheap, fast and it will be easy as long as you use a Ps3 repair guide. Want to know why it’s so important to use a repair guide when doing this?

With a Ps3 repair guide, you will get step by step instructions that’s also coming along with very detailed photo’s. This way, you will be able to fix your Playstation 3 red light problem very quickly and on an easy way. Why don’t you see it for yourself? Ps3 Repair Guide

Another great thing about this option is that your fix can be done within 1 day, or even within 1 hour. Many people have done this before, so why wouldn’t you be able to do it either? You’ll be able to play your favourite game again… today! Don’t believe me? Visit: Playstation 3 Red Light Fix

Need Playstation 3 Repair? Visit
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137929210 3257ff91ce m SELF COMPUTER REPAIR
by JasonTromm

Article by Justin Scott Jenkins

The most potent way to keep thieves away from your Computer is to restrict a tech from working on your hardware and / or block viruses

So, if you decide to protect your data, the only way is by Do It Yourself computer repair, this e-book guides you in every step, Self Computer Repair UNLEASHED!

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Computer Running Slow – Read More About It

2572360003 d1e2cf7885 m Computer Running Slow Read More About It
by davco9200

Article by Doug Collins

One of the gadgets that most people use besides the mobile phones is the computer. Computers are very useful because there are so many things that you can do with it. The desktop computers are used at homes, offices and schools. Laptops can be used when travelling or when you need to bring it with you anywhere you go. It isn’t just useful but handy as well. You wouldn’t have any problems when it comes to your files being left in the computer at home. But just like other gadgets, the user can encounter different problems. There is one major problem of computer users, which is the low speed. Who would want their computer running slow? Well, no one would.When you are loading a game or when you are saving files, when the speed of your computer is low, it can get so frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. If you need to get files immediately, you won’t be able to do it because even if you have just turned on your computer, getting to the desktop can already take time. It can also affect the programs inside your system. So when their computer is running slow, it can really annoy the user. Instead of making it easier by using the computer, it is taking them longer.Here are the reasons on why computers run slow and some ways on how to fix it:* Spyware or Viruses – Make sure that you have an anti-virus software installed in your system. Weekly virus scan is important so you can remove all unwanted applications and programs. These spyware and viruses can easily enter your system when you surf and download programs/medias from the internet.* Not enough memory – Remove or delete all unnecessary files. Burn your files in a disc or transfer your files another hard drive to make more space.* Start up overload (too many files loading during start-up) – Go to the startup programs window and uncheck the programs that you do not want to load when you turn on your computer* Computer Registry – The computer registry must be cleaned because even if you’ve uninstalled a program, some of its files are still left in the registry. This is the database of the softwares installed in the computer.* Temporary Internet Files – If you use the internet very often, there are files that are being saved in a folder. These files are the websites that you often go to. These files enable your browser to load faster but it can take up a lot of space if you visit a lot of sites.People do not want their computer running slow so they must clean their computers and remove and delete all files that are unnecessary. No one wants their computer running slow so following those tips can really speed up your computer. You don’t need to buy a new computer just because it is slow. Look for ways on how to repair it and find ways to make it faster. It would be cheaper than buying a new one.

Looking for a free registry repair? You can make your computer run 300% faster by fixing your corrupt registry. Go to to receive your free download and learn exactly why your computer is running slow

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