According to pre-launch information, the Motorola ATRIX will be a fully featured mobile communications device powered by a unique 1GHz dual core processor from NVIDIA. Therefore, it compares in power to some net books and is clearly designed not only to run Android 2.2 but also for Android updates that may well appear later in the year under the code name Gingerbread. As it is going to run on a 4G wireless broadband network, the powerful Atrix will be capable of running a full installation of Windows Mozilla to provide easy browsing.

The 4-inch diagonal screen is impressive with its 24-bit color display for lifelike color browsing and video watching. The screen is well constructed, but experts have already advised to immediately buy a screen protector in order to make sure that small nicks and scratches do not detract from its sharpness and accuracy during routine use. With such a screen, and a proper protector, videos as well as pictures and business data are easily viewed in any lighting conditions.

Most remarkable among the innovations to be found in this new phone are its specially designed line of accessories. These go far beyond the case that we would expect for a communications device of this quality, and include a full docking station that essentially turns the Motorola into a full featured Net book with a full sized screen and keyboard. In addition, docks are available to enable easy connection of the Atrix to an HD monitor for entertainment or to a PC for data transfer.

The included 1930mAh battery is one of the strongest witnessed in a smart phone, and it should be more than enough to power the processor. Standard features that are included with the Atrix include full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility, and internal storage memory of 16 GB can be extended with SD Micro cards for a total of 48 GB. The internal camera has a resolution of 5 MP and a video capability of 720 p HD. GPS navigation is provided along with a USB 2.0 micro port. All major e-mail protocols are supported, including push e-mail capabilities. The Motoblur aggregator allows quick viewing of social media and E-mail updates without having to open a browser; it is a feature of previous Motorola models that will prove extremely easy to use with the Atrix.

It is one of the best personal communications device that is intended to get the most out of 4G wireless and Android operating systems. As it’s powerful enough for real business and personal communications, the high quality screen allows for clear picture viewing and video viewing. With the optional new docking station, the Atrix can take the place of a netbook when browsing the Web from a Wi-Fi zone in an airport or hotel and uploading or downloading important data.

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