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by BTO Educational

The view of new generation is to watch TV and simultaneously with internet access. This demand by the people originated Internet Satellite TV player which allows you to watch TV channels online. The new technology of internet which allows you to facilitate watch TV. One can watch over 1300 TV channels worldwide free. Internet Satellite TV Player will allow watching many channels worldwide, FREE, only having a PC with Internet access. No need to buy any satellite dish, PCI card, computer device and nothing pay for a subscription or monthly fees with the help of Internet Satellite TV Player. Go for it if itsounds interesting.

The main key features of “Internet Satellite TV Player” are:

TV Channels from more than 110 countries, More than 1300 channels, Instant download. Selection of the bandwidth, No pop-ups, ads, or spyware, every week 25 new channels free, Software updates forever free, Customer support 24*7, Full screenplay, Favorite’s folder is there to save your favorite channels, All languages like Spanish, English, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese etc. TV can be viewed and works all over the world, works with internet and a PC or Laptop, No satellite dish needed., No PCI card or any equipment needed and Runs with all Microsoft Windows application are the main key features of Internet Satellite TV Player.

What is New in This Release?

New Interface

New Interface Plays and supports flash video playback and bugs fixed are the new thing in the release. Share of live TV is always an immense pleasure. To adapt itself to the new standard by Television which is used to survive the technological improvements. From your television internet facilitating thousand programs showing on your computer monitor Good computer with unlimited access of an internet must to get the video running qualitatively apart from this no expensive hardware or anything else needed. The demo version comes for 20 minutes.

Based on standard the interface goes for example channel list on the left and the video window on the right. Based on countries and name of the state with the number of TV stations available, the channels are grouped. Video window is designed with the basic play controls “Play” and “Stop” and with a button to watch it in a full screen, one for adding the station to the list of favorite stations, and one for checking for updates of the software and the player is with a volume control slider.

Lower part of the application window there is the software display, which shows the details of the running station. In the lower right corner of the window, there is the bandwidth selector. To view the video without interrupt the bandwidth selection with buffering is used. the video quality of some TV stations was remarkable and streaming was very good during testing the application.

Find more info on satellite tv channels and watch live tv on the internet.

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