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There are several ways you can learn about judgments and their recovery. Ways to learn include the internet, as well as free and paid judgment forums, books, etc. However, sometimes you want to ask one question, or simply listen to good conversations about judgments.

Now there is at least 1 (free) web radio station with a “judgment showcase”, where one can listen live, and call in and ask questions. One can also download shows as MP3 podcasts and listen to the judgment shows at your convenience.

Live radio shows often have a different guest every week, with call-in numbers where anyone can ask questions. One can even email questions, that the host or their guests will answer and discuss on the shows.

Guests on such shows include private investigators, attorneys, training providers, process servers, judgment recovery specialists, judgment lead providers, and other professionals related to judgment enforcement.

One judgment-related web radio show happens each Monday at six PM Pacific, nine PM Eastern time. One advantage of internet radio is you can hear it anywhere in the world, at your schedule.

On a judgment show, you can ask almost any question. Be aware, the hosts and guests are usually not attorneys, and you should consult with an attorney if you want legal advice.

Judgment-related internet radio shows are helpful for those learning the judgment recovery business, and for experienced judgment enforcers to keep up on current topics. The best part of a judgment-related live show is you can ask questions about enforcing your own judgment. The judgment enforcement business is not a get rich quick business. However, this business can be learned, and internet radio shows, judgment teleconferences, and forums are a good way to start learning for free.

I think the old-fashioned broadcast radio stations are going the way of newspapers.

Podcasts are becoming popular faster than ever. The old broadcast radio stations are beginning to struggle. I read that seventy million people now listen to podcasts. The handwriting is on the wall, internet radio and podcasts are the future.

Some internet radio stations are live (except for the prerecorded music, station IDs, and commercials) so there are live-show glitches, such as silence, coughs, noises, and some ums, errs, and ummmms.

Often, live shows are edited later, to eliminate noises and improve sound quality. Any commercials are usually left in, that’s only fair. The edited MP3 podcasts of live shows are usually available within hours of the broadcast of the live show.

The internet has lowered the cost of broadcasting a radio show to affordable levels. Podcasts on specific topics will become more popular. Now, there is a live show and podcast on the subject of judgment recovery.

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