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Internet marketing tools are essential for the efficient growth and development of your online business. In a world where many business transactions are now taking place over the internet, it is imperative to have a custom internet marketing strategy in place so that your business may thrive. The way to best utilize internet marketing would be to become familiar with current internet marketing tools. You will notice that there are an abundance of tools available on the market right now. The key is to find the tools that are most suitable to accommodate the needs of your business.

Your first stop in acquiring the appropriate tools to effectively market your business on the internet should be Google. Google offers premium internet marketing tools (many of which are free) that once implemented can prove to be invaluable to your marketing campaign.

Seeing as how Google is the dominant search engine on the internet, effectively utilizing the tools offered by the engine may prove to have your business in prominent standing in Google search page results. Google‘s marketing tools are useful for making your website, product or service promotions easier and ultimately profitable. We’ll start by exploring a few internet marketing tools offered by Google below:
Google Analytics: Google Analytic is Google’s premier web stats tool. This tool analyzes the traffic that is driven to your site, sources of traffic, content on your traffic and gives you a vast amount of data to make smart decisions.
Google Webmaster Tools: This allows you to submit a dynamic sitemap and tell Google exactly what your content is about, which pages to crawl and how often they’re updated. Google then easily crawls your site and reports on any errors and areas where you can improve your site.. This is a great avenue for you to get your information on the web quickly.
Google Adwords is a great marketing tool if you need traffic fast. By simply selecting a few keywords and creating ads, you can start driving traffic to your site. However, you have to be careful with Adwords as it’s easy to waste money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Outside of Google there are other internet marketing tools that may also be helpful.

Clicktale.com: Clicktale captures every move that a visitor makes on your site. This allows extraordinary tracking so that you may monitor visitor behavioral habits and tailor your marketing campaign to the trends you find in your assessment.
Raven Tools: Raven Tools allows you to bring you internet marketing campaign including social media, ranking, link building, analytics and email newsletters into one central location. With this online software you can research, monitor, manage and report on SEO as well as other facets of your internet marketing campaign.
Spyfu: Spyfu is exactly as it sounds; it’s a tool that allows you to spy on your Google Adwords competitors. With this tool you can download your competitors PPC keywords, view SEO rankings, top organic rankings and top ads for any competitor and you can view the top 100 most expensive Adsense keywords.

These are just a few of the many internet marketing tools available to you. If you are looking for professional guidance in getting the most out of the above mentioned tools and many more, contact Optimum7 today!

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