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by BTO Educational

If you are new to internet marketing or thinking about becoming an internet marketer, then please do not sign up for anything, do not spend any money until you have read this article so many times it is always at the forefront of your mind. I am talking from painful experience, everything in this article comes from my painful experience of starting up in internet marketing. My number one passion is to stop others going through the anguish, financial pain and get rich quick schemes that I have had the misfortune to suffer. Do I believe in internet marketing? Yes, I do, however I want to lay out in this article the right way to do it to save you time, money and ensuring you work with the right people to help you. Anyway, below I have set out what I think are the top 10 practical guides to help you with your on-line business.

1/ Learn the Lessons from this Article!

I have written this article not to sell and to make money but to prevent you making the same mistakes I made when I started out in this business. Read this article over and over again so that you are always prepared for what internet marketing will throw at you. There are times when you will be completely overloaded with information and to be honest at a standstill with your business. Keep coming back to this article and the guidelines given here will help you stay focused and focus in any business is a key ingredient.

2/ Are they Really Going to Help You?

You will see many claims from people who want to introduce you to internet marketing and to be your “mentor”. Do not get me wrong, there are good mentors out there who want to see you succeed. However you must remember that they will ask you to sign up for their program or service with a view to making money out of your future sales. Some mentors out there to be very honest just want to get you on board and take their first commission. The chances are you will never hear from these mentors again or if you do their help and advice will be as good as worthless. If you do go for a mentor then you will most likely have to spend money and give them commission. So why give money to someone who will not help you? Check out your mentor. Have they got many people under their wing? Can you talk to the people they are mentoring? How will they help you over this first 6 months? This is a key area you need to investigate thoroughly. Do not let them away with words, actually ask them what they will do for you over the first 90 days and get a plan from them to back it up. Only when you are completely convinced that they can help you achieve your goals should you sign up with them. Again, find the right mentor and you will have a much easier route to success.

3/ Put Your Credit Card Away!

Internet marketers reading this next bit will cringe and probably ask for a public hanging, however here goes, do not spend any money! You will see offer upon offer to sign up for automated systems that will generate so much cash without your involvement that you won’t know what to do with the money that rolls in. If you have a list then that may be true but if you don’t have a list then it will take you many months to start generating income. You may be asking what is a list? A list is large number of e-mail subscribers who have opted in to receive offers and information from you. It takes time to build a quality list, so if you don’t have one do not expect the money to roll in from day 1 or even day 51. As a newcomer to the business you will get overloaded with offers to spend your money. Everything from buying a mailing list (don’t) to the latest and greatest system that will quadruple your profits (yes, but only if you already have a list). You do not need money to get started in this business. The only thing you really need to spend money on is a PC and a broadband connection, everything else you can nearly pick up for free, no matter what anyone else tells you. Keep your cash in your bank account, keep your credit cards locked away and you have fully understood guideline 3. You can spend money once you have the basics in place and you are generating cash from your on-line business.

4/ It’s Your Business

As a newcomer to Internet Marketing always keep your interests at the forefront of your mind. You will receive offer after offer, usually with the infamous time limited offer for that day only or at this price only if you sign up for today. Whenever you receive one of these offers, leave the page and you will find that offer gets even better with a lower price or a payment plan. Whenever any offer comes your way you need to decide will this help your business move forward in the way you have planned it to, will it take your focus away from your business plan or will it cost money and you will never recover the investment over a sensible time period, if at all. This is your business, do what is best for your business not what others want you to do.

5/ Internet Hype

There is a lot of hype and rubbish out there. In fact, internet marketing would be a much more pleasant place if people told the truth. Yes, there is a lot of money to be made on the internet but it is not just as easy as signing up for a program and watching the money roll in. Every advert should be precluded with “if you already have a list”. No matter what program you join you need to have buyers that will buy from you. These buyers will come from the quality list that you have taken the time to build. Once you have a good list then good opportunities will come your way as other marketers will be asking for your help in promoting products so that they can get access to your list. You quite rightly will pick up commissions from all purchases from your list which is the way it should be. Build your list and then you are your own master.

6/ Information Overload

I think at one point I was receiving over 100s of emails a day to one account from marketers who had the silver bullet for my on-line business. How did I get into this complete overload? Simple, when you are new to the business you get carried away (go back to my first guideline!) with the amount of free offers and information that you receive. You get carried away sign up for this free offer, sign up for this free product and before you know it you are in information overload. One of the real problems to watch out for is the offer if you read a few mails a day then your offer will be posted to other internet marketers so that you can build your list. I seem to remember on my first day receiving around 30 mails and it just grew from there. I even tried to put filters on my email to prevent these coming into my inbox. The only way I could get out of this was to unsubscribe. How many offers did I read? Practically none of them and I am sure my email offers were read by the same amount of people, none! When you start out, select your business, build your plan and stay focused on it.

7/ Focus, Focus and Focus Again!

I cannot remember who came up with this phrase “Focus, Focus and Focus again”

Not just for your internet marketing business but for your whole life you need to focus. That is why the high achievers succeed and the rest of the population falters. Set your goals for all aspects of your life and then focus on achieving them. Set your goals for your on-line business and then go after them wholeheartedly. You cannot fail if you retain your focus and your belief.

8/ Don’t Give Up The Day Job

Internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, although others will tell you differently. Start off with internet marketing part time, keep your day job until you have built an on-line business that can generate the income required to get rid of your day job. How long does this take? Some people manage it in about 6 months, others can take years. Internet marketing is not a substitute for your day job. Be patient, the money will come if you persevere. Remember the top internet marketers have put the time, effort and focus in over many years to be successful

9/ Patience

The internet and technology are ridiculously fast moving. When you are running your business do not get caught up in this. When you start put your fundamentals in place, monitor them and when you see the need for change or new systems then only buy them if they will add value to your business. Remember the tortoise and the hare. In internet marketing it is easy to become a hare chasing everything that you see. All you will do is divert yourself from your plan and most likely lose a lot of money. Take your time, be patient, stay focused and your rewards will come.

10/ Enjoy

Given the first 9 guidelines this one may come as a bit of a surprise. Enjoy your business. You have selected it so have fun with it. Internet marketing is an exciting environment. If you like learning then there is endless opportunity to learn and to grow your skills and knowledge. Not many people make money doing what they enjoy, most people are stuck in their daily routines and cannot wait to finish their work to get out. Internet marketing is not owned by major corporations so you do not need to work for one to be an internet marketer. You are also working for yourself so the hard work you put in puts cash in your pocket, not somebody else’s. Your time suddenly becomes your own so if you want to take the family out for the afternoon then you have nobody to get permission from, just you.

I hope you found the article informative, it is not meant to scare people away from internet marketing, use this as a check-list before you sign up and when your new to the business to keep you on track. There are a whole number of other considerations you need to take into mind like your goals, your willingness to tough it out and how to get into the right mental state, however that is for other articles.

Can I just end by hoping that you do become an internet marketer and that you have a very successful and profitable business, here’s to your ongoing success.


Brian E McClelland

Worked in corporate IT for over 25 years, now runs an internet marketing business and helps others get up and running with internet marketing.

For further advice on starting up in internet marketing please visit the author’s blog at [http://freenicheblueprint.com/blog/]

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