Internet Fax – What Is Internet Fax Sending?

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Sometimes bridging the technology gap does call for a detailed explanation on just how certain new forms of communications work. Online or Internet fax is a perfect example in question. Many people, even end-users, don’t quite know exactly how Internet fax sending really works?

First, one has to realize in order to use Internet fax you need to have three components: an email system, a computer or mobile device that’s connected to the web and an online fax service provider who handles all your faxes for a monthly fee. This service provider has online servers which will process and store all your messages. Your faxes are sent as an email attachment, usually in a Tiff or Pdf format.

Your Internet fax provider will give you your own local or toll-free fax number. This number can be connected with up to 10 email addresses or more…

you have to check with your provider to see how many email addresses you can use with your number? This is important if you want to include a group of people to receive the faxes, such as sales staff promoting a certain company product.

Remember, with many providers you can still send your message to a conventional fax machine, but more and more businesses are switching over to this newer email faxing system mainly because it means your faxes are available anywhere you have a web connection and these days that’s just about everywhere. Plus, Internet fax sending is completely paperless so you will save money on the cost of inks, papers and toners. In addition, you don’t have the cost of a dedicated fax phone line which can be expensive to operate.

Now with Internet or web faxing, you can use many different methods to send and receive your faxes.

You can use your current email program such as Outlook Express. You can log into your online account and send/receive your messages from this location. In addition, many providers have a desktop application which you can download to your computer and do all your faxing from your computer desktop.

Sending a fax via the Internet has become so popular because it is extremely easy to do; as easy as sending an email. It is also much cheaper than conventional faxing and monthly fees run around to , but there are much cheaper services if you shop around for them. For that amount you get around 300 to 500 (incoming/outgoing) messages a month, extra faxes will cost you around 4 to 10 cents depending on which provider you choose. Again, you can find better rates and cheaper services if you do your homework and shop around.

Regardless of which service provider you choose, most will offer 30 Day Free Trials so you can check out the quality of their services before you buy. Many providers will even let you “port” your current fax number into their system for a small fee. But it would probably be wise to check out the service first before you change your number over. However, once you start Internet fax sending, you may never go back to the old way of faxing.

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