Samsung got it right when they decided to make the tablet 7 inches in diameter. The reason behind this is because the Galaxy is suitable for single handed use, making one hand accessible to use the tablet. There are four buttons placed at the bottom of the Galaxy, as well as a headphone jack on the top, a volume button on the side, and a microSD slot for even more storage space. The assembly of the Samsung Galaxy seems to be top notch. You could accidentally drop it on your couch or floor and should not be worried about anything malfunctioning, because of its firm configuration. The very slick and slippery surface of the Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to be a problem because it can easily slip off any surface.

The screen of the Galaxy has a resolution of 1024 x 600, which is a great deal better than similar technology that was recently released on the market. Regardless of the angle the Tab is at, there will be zero color distortions or changes which is quite cool. Friends viewing the tablet at the same time as you will not have to worry about the screen being a different color because they are viewing it from the side. Although the Galaxy Tab does not have a better screen resolution than the iPad, it has a better pixel density that provides a better and more crisp viewing experience.

Tablets are used mostly to browse the web, and in the case of the Samsung Galaxy the web browser happens to be very solid. When you are scrolling and zooming in to view the page closer the screen glides very smoothly with every action it takes. This happens to be a huge improvement over the iPad which was pretty sluggish and irregular while performing the same functions. Where the Galaxy does have problems though is viewing flash heavy websites and videos inside of web pages. Most the time an error will occur saying “this video is not optimized for mobile”. Other than that the Galaxy does put forward a very satisfying browsing experience.

Two cameras were put into the Galaxy which is a trump on the iPad. One camera was placed on the front so that you can see yourself in the screen while taking a picture, and one camera on the back so you can take pictures in front of you. The tablet has a three megapixel camera with a LED flash included, and captures decent still screenshots. You should buy a case so that you can have the specific cut outs for the cameras and buttons. The pricing of the Samsung Galaxy does in fact come close to the price of the iPad, but without a contract you can buy a Galaxy for $600, and with a two year contract you would only pay $400.

There are many accessories that should be bought for your new piece of technology. One of the most important accessories to get is the screen protector. This will prevent your tablet from obtaining any scratches or smudges on its touch screen, which is used every single time it is put to use. The Tab is a very impressive piece of technology and will surely hold its own in the Tablet market.

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