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by Charlie Brewer

Many companies have realized the need to strengthen their management of the supply chain as it is important to achieve a higher market penetration for ensuring long term growth. It is estimated that the India 3 PL will grow at an estimated 25 per cent between the two years from 2010 to 2012. Arguably the market for third party logistics today is the largest in the world today and with the entry of India, competition is predicted to rise rapidly.

As of today, there are a host of sectors that will be major contributors to this growth such as retail, manufacturing, real estate etc. but the major contributor will be the IT and the automobile industries. They shall be the highest end-user consumers for the Indian third party logistics services. Also, multinational corporations shall be the major consumers in these two industries. The FMCG and heavy machinery sectors too shall be a part of this growth in the India 3 PL industry. This is because both of these sectors themselves are also exhibiting substantial growth in the recent years.

The India 3 PL is mainly characterized as one that offers integrated services to its consumers. Following are some of the key services that you can avail of:

- Outbound freight

- Inbound freight

- Order fulfillment

- Warehousing

- Distribution

One of the main reasons for the growth of the Indian third party logistics market today is that many companies have realized the advantages of outsourcing the logistics jobs to the experts while they focus on the core business.

India 3 PL experts are known to offer time bound services without delays and at affordable prices.

They not only reduce the overall costs by reducing the warehousing and other costs that may be involved, but also offer on-time services and ensure that the freight is taken care of while in transit till the time it is under their control. Thus it is a win-win situation for all.

It is registered Multi Modal Transport Operators with Directorate General of Shipping in India. BOXCO WORLD’S service advantages are leveraged through it’s domestic and international network. It offers a seamless network of international logistics that delivers goods in major markets around the globe. For more info check out  http://www.boxcoworld.com

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