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by onepointzero

If you need to connect two or more computers or servers, a console server is just the thing to use. Such a connection provides more than one person with access to information and data stored on the shared network. Users are spoilt for choice too, as there many types of console servers available. One variation between different console servers is their price, which depends on the features a certain model or brand offers. A small, basic model will cost slightly more than 0, whereas you might easily spend ten times that on a console server that has more bells and whistles.

If data security is a concern, or if sensitive information is stored on the network, then the user should opt for secure console servers. Although they essentially function in the same manner as an unsecured console server, they also restrict access to data and documents that an administrator deems confidential. Naturally, a secure console server is more expensive, with lower-end models costing 0-300, and higher end models exceeding 00.

As with all electronic goods, there will always be secondhand console servers on the market. However, it is more advisable to buy a brand new unit. New console servers are accompanied by warranties, which means that any malfunctions can and should be handled by the manufacturer. Buying used console servers is risky as you have no information on their durability or integrity. The lack of warranty means you have no guarantee that they will not break down after two weeks of use, and there is no coverage for expensive repairs should they malfunction or become damaged.

There is a middle ground between new and used console servers, and that is buying a refurbished console server. Refurbishment is usually carried out by the manufacturers themselves on their own products. Broken parts are repaired and new ones added where necessary, and the refurbished unit is resold at a discounted price. A refurbished console server often comes with a warranty and is in good condition. Functionality and durability come first where these servers are concerned, so forget about getting the latest or the best looking model. Price-wise, a refurbished console server costs much less than a brand new one, but slightly more than a secondhand unit.

Aside from the price, you have to know what you want from the console server you buy. The majority of these servers are single-port units, which means it can be accessed by only one person at a time. In contrast, dual-port servers are more efficient as two people can access it simultaneously. It always pays to read the information printed on the box of a server before you buy it you can glean what features that particular server possesses, and ensure that it is the right fit for your business or company.

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