525117126 f9cf16267c m Incorporating Pocket Door Hardware Into Floor Plans
by fun3MD

In the early 1800s, pocket doors made their first appearance in new construction and were generally used as a simple way to section off one room from another or to add privacy to a small space.  Due to faulty construction practices of the day, the doors became more of a hindrance than a help to homeowners as the doors fell off their tracks or became wedged in the wall when the house inevitably shifted and settled on its foundation.  Today, pocket doors are reemerging as an economical and contemporary way to maximize floor space and simplify a room’s look and feel.  Refined construction standards in modern times ensure that features like pocket door hardware will function flawlessly for years to come.

The concept behind the pocket door is simple.  A panel door slides into a recessed wall cavity, obscuring the door from view when it is not in use.  Pocket doors can merely section off a space with a simple sliding panel, or offer solid security with the addition of lock hardware.  Often only seen as simple panels of smooth wood in years past, today’s pocket doors vary in style and can feature divided light panels, French door detailing and double panels.  More than simple division of space, modern pocket door hardware can enhance a room design and add character to any space.  Also, pocket doors can visually open up floor space, affording a “no barrier” appearance that maximizes every square inch.  In fact, adding a pocket door can add 20-30 extra square feet of living space!

Homeowners often overlook the idea of incorporating pocket doors into an older home renovation, but adding such features can be an economical solution and easier than they might think.  When assisting a homeowner on a budget with an older home renovation or room re-design, finding a way to incorporate a pocket door into your design can not only add more square footage of usable space, but offer a cost-effective way to close off a room.  Even in older construction, make sure homeowners understand that pocket door installation is a viable option, as pocket door hardware installation kits allow a retrofitted installation that looks as if it was part of the original construction.

Homeowners may have a notion that pocket doors are flimsy and unreliable, prone to mechanical malfunction and limited in style options.  The truth is that today’s pocket doors are a designer’s best friend.  With endless styles from ornate to modern-sleek, and quality craftsmanship and functionality, reintroducing homeowners to the versatile, stylish and affordable pocket door is a smart move for designers, architects and decorators alike.

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