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Today we interview Peter Laird, great programming talent behind Hit Sniffer. Hit Sniffer is the great service that offers a suite of real-time web statistics, performance and analyze tools for managing and reporting for webmasters, blogs and companies who need real time website information.

But before talking about Hit Sniffer, let’s ask Peter about his career. What can you tell us about it?

Peter Laird: I type in British English as I am Scottish! So any errors in spelling are not mine but the difference in spelling UK and USA. I am not a talented programmer, I am actually intermediate in programming but what I cannot do myself then the programming gang headed up by San Arena, the other partner in Hitsniffer, will certainly perform any task that I give them. Oh and I am 6ft 4 tall and an ex member of the UK Airborne forces, yes some grunts do have a brain!

When did you have the idea of Hit Sniffer?

Peter Laird: My Background is SEO (search engine optimisation). Whilst doing SEO work for companies I was finding it difficult to actually get accurate reporting and so I had the idea in conjunction with San about three years ago to develop something that would deliver data. I knew that Google analytics was limited in the data that they provided and so we set about developing our own tool to monitor our own websites. I own over 30 sites and I needed raw live data and I could not find a program or service that was suitable. What was on the market just did not give me the data I needed. So we decided to make our own analytics tool and Sniffer was born but we only used it in-house. After using it for a year or so I then saw the potential to roll it out to the market.

What makes Hit Sniffer different than the other stats services?

Peter Laird: Well I think the level of statistics available speaks for itself. It is real time, you can view your visitors as they visit, register, awaiting confirmation mail, registering etc. Email reporting is sent daily so that clients can view site visitors, new visitors, returning visitors. The sniffer system also provides goal settings and ROI. The site records recent searches on all major engines and referrals from sites that link in.

As stats and Hit Sniffer fans, we can say that it’s impossible to manage a website without daily checking the stats and of course a good stats service is absolutely necessary. Do you agree? and how stats can help a webmaster managing an homepage or blog?

Peter Laird: What is the point of doing all you possibly can to drive traffic to a site and then not monitoring what the site visitor does? To correctly manage a site a webmaster MUST track the site data. Let us say that a certain key-phrase is driving traffic to a site, do we know why or how the visitor arrived at the site, Perhaps it was from a search engine, a blog, a link. Who knows unless you have a tool to monitor. Hitsniffer now manages data for Universities, TV companies, Multi-national companies and many more.

What Hit Sniffer does is this:

Provides real time tracking of the site and it’s visitors.

Gives entry and exit page reporting.

Shows users as they visit pages on a site in real time.

Gives real time ROI indicators.

Tracks goals.

I could go on but unless someone uses it then they will not know the full capabilities of sniffer.

What do you think of the Internet and its future?

Peter Laird: This is confusing for me. I have been online since the net was available to us minions, it was originally designed to be a military application and I fear it could go back to that. What I mean is that the Governments of this world could pull the plug and make it in house only. There is so much information available online that countries already censor what their citizens can view and I am totally against this. For example we had Google agreeing to the demand from China to block access! Then we have the privacy issues and the sharing and losing of information by Governments. We also have the rise of social media, facebook and twitter and I don’t think people actually realise that they are compromising their own privacy when they make a post or tweet or upload a photo and tag someone in that pic. I think people have been conditioned that it is ok to disclose everything, when in fact they should guard their privacy and treat it dearly. I use this analogy, would you shout out of your window that you had just got a new job, gave birth, went to school, or any other nonsense? The answer would be no, so why put it online?

There is not just the internet, there are other nets and one is the dark net or hidden net. The internet is viewable from any browser openly however the dark or deep net takes programming skills to get inside.

Regarding the future of the Internet I see it unfolding in a couple of ways.

If there is no Government intervention then the net will only grow massively and as such more information will be available to the masses and they will be able to educate themselves, should they choose.

Any special updates will arrive at Hit Sniffer in the next months? (Peter and his team update Hit Sniffer very often to provide the best stats service).

Peter Laird: We are continually working to improve the service we offer and users are amazed that new features appear almost weekly and even daily at times. We have recently added the geo location tool that will track a visitor to within 500 yards of the machine they are using, we do this using technology not available to the general public . We are currently working on a few projects and I am not going to disclose much as we are always ahead of the competition. A hint, geo location of mobile and tablet users, break down of mobile and hard users. Hitsniffer now has 20,000 clients monitoring 98,216 websites.

We thank Peter for this exclusive interview and we invite all the readers to check his website at

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