430375607 0a7221d986 m If A Dork Such As Me Can Repair The Ps3 Yellow Light Error Then You Can Too
by Charlie Brewer

When my PlayStation developed the PS3 yellow light of death I was basically at my wits end. The cell phone had scarcely been picked up by the Sony technical support man when I noticed the error of my next action. They required $ 150 plus my first born to repair the issue and I did not have either! In a voice that sounded like some deranged terrorist the service centre dude then threatened to keep hold of my gaming system for up to 8 weeks – okay, I’ll pay the ransom I was pondering – but reality hit when I realized that I couldn’t afford that type of cash – and Mel Gibson is never around when you require him! Okay, so alternatives exhaused with Sony, it was time to take matters into my own hands. Can you guess what happened next? It turns out that mending the PS3 yellow light error is in fact a lot simpler than you might think. Sure, its time to put your baby on the operating table, so to speak, and open her up, but at least in this case its just electrical wires and circuit boards – absolutely no need to be squeamish! .

Now I am not sure about you but the thought of executing open heart surgery on my gaming system didn’t exactly fill me full of joy. Help was at hand, though, in the form of seasoned repair man Rob Sheffield, whos outstanding assistance soon put my thoughts at ease. His downloadable e-book, which only costs the price of your typical PS3 game, came to the rescue and I was thrilled to start getting the issue fixed. A quick glance through the guide told me that I had made a wonderful choice – despite the fact that I ‘m a complete techno-phobe I could still make sense of his advice. All it took was around 30 minutes of easy reading (my advice is do it on the lavatory if you are easily sidetracked) and the data was implanted in my addled brain. In the guide Rob informed me how the repair would only take approximately one hour – but I have to say I didnt believe this. The thing is, despite my best efforts to screw it up the repair was carried out in about 59 minutes and 58 seconds – you know just like that countdown in those wonderful (ahem) Mission Impossible motion pictures – with basically seconds to spare. Turns out I made a small, but time-consuming goof, but, after watching the video clip – did I point out you get video help as well – ok you do – I has the problem back under control .

Feeling very pleased of myself I put the case back together, tested for missing screws – there are always a few spare left – and retreated to the far side of the room as I got my little sister to fire it up – hey I was taking no chances! I pushed the power switch and – nothing – well no bang anyway! My PS3 just whirred, hummed and generally seemed cool as it went about the business of starting up. Within another couple of minutes my PS3 was firing on all cylinders and I was the most joyful game addict alive – well apart from the guy who just polished off Assassins Creed – and whats more I was over $ 100 in pocket!

Ok, so if a dork like me can resolve the PS3 yellow light error – you sure as bejesus can. It may well seem as challenging as taking out a level 42 wizard on WOW but it is actually pretty simple – but as they say (virtually) on television – dont try this alone. If you watch what you are doing and you can follow some fundamental instructions theres no explanation you cannot save a lot of cash and repair your damaged gaming console in a few minutes. So, if your power light starts blinking an angry yellowish colour at you then dont telephone Sony, just lookup Rob Sheffield and get a copy of his wonderful repair guide. Its much less hassle, faster and much more educational than giving your money up to the guys at Sony.

Dont let the PS3 yellow light error to get you down. It’s in fact very simple to repair when you’ve got an excellent repair guidebook. I’ve looked over the very best selling PS3 Yellow Lightrepair courses available on my webpage where I am also offering money off.Check out my PS3 Yellow Light review in order to save yourself a pile of money today by mending the PS3 yellow light error by yourself in less than an hour.