HTC Inspire Apps

A lot of people spend their time cutting up their coupons as well as browsing the web to look for deals. It’s not always easy to save money these days. With the economy the way it is, shoppers have to put in a decent amount of effort just to find the best prices–unless they use their HTC Inspire to help them. The best accessories are not just the newest headsets, holsters, and batteries, apps are another great way to accessorize and personalize a phone. Of course, users will want to invest in a good case and perhaps even an extra battery. But right after users accessorize the outside of their phone, it’s time to add some extra software.

The first app that shoppers will want to download is called The Coupons App. Users that download this app can finally say goodbye to coupon clipping once and for all. This application allows users to download great coupons and use a barcode scanner and even allows users to share coupons with others. And the best part of it is that users don’t have to print out these coupons to actually use them in stores. They can just let the cashier scan the coupon on their screen. Another great thing about this app is that it’s free, which shoppers on a budget are sure to love.

The next app that shoppers should download is called Shopkick. Shopkick has a small rewarding system that users can use whenever they go somewhere. Shopkick rewards users when they walk into stores or ask shoppers to scan an item they’re about to purchase. Once users get enough points, they can use it to redeem gift cards, movie tickets, and much more. Shopkick users will also receive special deals at a number of different retailers, like Sports Authority, Best Buy, and Target. Big time shoppers will enjoy how easy it is to use this application to gain more perks on the side.

The last necessary app is TheFind: Shopping. What this app does is help users find the best deals on the products they need. Before leaving the house, a shopper can use this application to plan ahead on where to purchase a certain item. TheFind provides shoppers with routes to stores that have the lowest prices. If a user saves money by shopping online, his application can find coupon codes for even deeper accounts. Bargain hunters can certainly not afford to miss out on this app.

With all of these applications allowing shoppers to get the best products at the cheapest prices, many people may feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there’s an app for that too. List Master is an app that helps shoppers keep track of their shopping lists, organize their to-do lists, and create any other list that may be helpful. Shoppers can even create a list for their favorite brands, stores, or their sizes. With all of these apps available, users no longer have an excuse for paying high prices or missing out on the best deals.

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