This small but feature filled smart phone has a built-in slide out QWERTY keyboard. It is like having a mini laptop with all your needed applications and functions at your fingertips. You can easily navigate and find whatever you need because you can change your home page to match what is important to you. You can have the time, weather, contacts, email, Facebook, text messaging, and anything else you desire on your home page, all available with a touch of the screen. This innovative phone comes with the case and the screen protector. You can also buy some accessories to enhance your experience with products such as speakers, headphones, and even rhinestones to decorate your phone to match your personality.

Having fun is a major role . Downloading games is an easy way to have the most fun with your device. The device allows you to download many games and some of the best ones are free! One of the top free games is called Abduction. In this game, you are a cow that must try to save your animal friends from being abducted by aliens. In order to save your friends, you must jump through platforms, dodge bombs, and grab healths and power-ups. This is done by tilting the phone back and forth or side to side. The game can be hard, but there is a way you can change the level of difficulty.

Jewels is one of the most popular mobile games for any phone. This game is just like Bejeweled and just as addicting. You move through levels trying to get a high score. You can share your high score and compete for high scores with your friends and family that play the game on their phones.

BitLetter is also a free game that will keep you entertained for a long time. BitLetters is similar to Scrabble. You can play against the computer, friends, or complete strangers if you choose to really challenge yourself.

Ninjump is the final free game that we will discuss. This game is a fighting game where you play as a ninja. You make your way through the levels by climbing buildings and fighting the enemies you encounter. This may not sound challenging, but it is because enemies can knock you down and then you need to work your way back up. All these games are free and fun to play. So, if you are a gamer or just in need of some excitement and need it fast, check out these games.

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