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by Ed Yourdon

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was designed to change the way the health care industry electronically transmitted information. HIPAA compliance software is implemented to help medical related fields maintain the rules and regulations of HIPAA. The software helps to maintain rules like patient confidentially. Using the best HIPAA compliance software you can help keep your information and records secure and confidential.

3 Things To Look For in Your HIPAA Software

1. One of the main things to consider when choosing HIPAA compliance software is the effectiveness. The entire purpose of this software is to help you meet the rules and regulations of HIPAA. You want to make sure the software can help your office work more effectively to follow the HIPAA rules.

2. The cost of your software is something you will need to consider. HIPAA regulations have cost many companies extra money. The added paperwork has made many employers hire extra employees to compensate for the work. You will need to budget accordingly to purchase your HIPAA compliance software.

3. Software that is said to be out of the box can be an added strain on your operations. Out of the box software will need to be installed and take up space on your hardware. A better option is choosing a software service. For a monthly fee you be able to access and use compliance software on your computers without the need for installation on every single machine in your office. This is a great way to quickly implement the software with your daily operations.

When you are shopping for your HIPAA compliance software you will want to explore all the features. The main focus and purpose of this software is to help with security. This software should have specialized encryption to prevent records from being accessed by outside sources. A well made HIPAA compliance software will also make daily operations easier. An example would be helping with the look up of important patient information. This will prevent a patient from verbally saying sensitive information in a crowded office. All together the software should make the office run more efficiently. It should make patient registry and record keeping easier. Changing patient information such an address or health insurance carrier should be a simple process with the right software.

With these features in mind, your software should also have a good built in maintenance system. In order make sure your information and records are safe and secure the software should offer a backup system. In the event of a disaster or computer system crash you want to know patient records will be safe and recoverable. There should be tough internal guards to prevent hackers from possibly accessing confidential patient records. Regardless of the size of your office you need to have superior secure HIPAA compliance software. You want to get customized software that will make your office function properly. You don’t want to skimp on your software choice; it can make for a lot of unnecessary work. Choosing superior software for your needs will make sure your office stays within HIPAA regulations.

For more information please visit our HIPAA certification website or our Bloodborne Pathogens training website.

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