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by hundrednorth

Today, many users prefer to opt for audio visual equipment rental instead of purchasing this expensive, delicate and quickly changing technology. The advantages of renting equipment are many:

Renting gives you the flexibility to use different equipments for different events and needs.
You can pick and choose from many options to match your current budget.
You avoid the hassles of safe storage in between events.
The cost and risk of transporting this equipment to and from venues is undertaken by the rental provider.

In addition to these, there are other advantages too, which makes audio visual equipment rental very popular. Before you rent such equipment, it pays to understand the ways and means in which you can get the maximum benefit out of your rented equipment.

How to Save Money with Rentals

Renting your equipment lets you avoid the huge capital expense you will incur if you purchase the same models. In addition to this saving, you can follow these tips to ensure that your rental costs are kept to a minimum:

Avoid last minute order placing. Rental providers may have differential rates for orders placed well in advance and those placed last minute. Ask your provider the cut off time for placing your order that will ensure that you definitely get the equipment. Make sure your order is placed before this time. In addition to avoiding the extra payment, you also eliminate the risk of the provider not being able to provide the exact models you need because of lack of time.
Analyze the equipment you will need carefully. Avoid renting equipment that will simply duplicate what you already have in your office. Avoid package deal rentals unless you are sure that each equipment in the package is absolutely essential for your event. For example, if you have a sound system but lack a proper projector then rent just the projector even though the provider has an attractive audio visual equipment rental package that combines both. Remember, no matter how attractive the package price, you are still paying for the sound system too. Also, check well in time if the rented equipment will be compatible with your existing ones.
Check with your provider for discounts on long term rentals. If such discounts are available then consider clubbing some of your in house events, if possible, to make the best use of your equipment at the best price.
Delays in returning the equipment may prove costly with rentals, too. Check when the equipment has to be returned and ensure that there are no delays on your part.

If you have opted to sign up for audio visual equipment rental, it is best to partner with a reputed provider. Ask for recommendations from business associates who have conducted events similar to yours recently. Compare prices of a few providers and get an idea of their service levels by visiting their offices or speaking with sales personnel. Remember to get all the terms of your rental agreement in writing to avoid the miscommunications and unpleasant surprises.

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