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by Charlie Brewer

PlayStation 3 or PS3 is the third home video game console from Sony. It enables the users to compete online with the PlayStation Network. PS3 gives an extraordinary user experience because of its exceptional multimedia capabilities, and use Blue ray Disc as a primary storage medium. But the experience does come at a very lofty cost, around $ 500.

There are various websites which offer free PlayStation 3 as a gift. Like freebiehome.co.uk or YourPS34Free.com, just register with one such website and become eligible for getting your free PlayStation 3. These are websites which have collaboration with various product and service providers, which sponsor the free PlayStation 3. These websites have loads of offers from various companies, you just need to take these offers, some free and some at very cheap rates, and create a network under you, explain the process to them and get them to repeat the process that you did. Most of these websites will ask for an email id to log in. Make sure that the email is genuine as it will be verified, if you are uncomfortable sharing your personal or professional email id, then just create one especially for this purpose. Also make sure that the cookies and pop ups are enabled in your Internet Explorer browser.

Once logged in, click on the offers tab and browse through various offers available, which are basically risk free, trial offers. Some offers are free whereas some will require a meager amount though and will require credit card information too. Most of the offers will take around 10 minutes to complete. These offers will give you credits which can then be redeemed.

After completing the offers, refer them to your friends, as many of them as possible, your referrals will also get you credits, depending on the demand of the reward. People signing up from your referrals will be visible to you on your page after you log in along with referral links. Referring some one doesn’t mean to spam them, do it in a more subtle way like creating blogs, link sharing, getting your closed ones under your network. Prove to your closed ones the credibility of the website and the model. Share your own experience with them and elaborate the process and suggest some offers to them.

Now when you have done all that is required, it is time to get what you were waiting for, your own PS3 and that too for free. Once your account is verified again, your order for a free PlayStation 3 will be placed and it will be shipped to you and delivered at your doorsteps, without any extra or hidden charges. Enjoy the best gaming console ever, or sell your PS3 on eBay and make huge profits.

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