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by vinlos86

Article by Richard Blaine

What is the Wii? Do you know how to customize the Wii? What you don’t know? You mean that there is someone in this world that does not know what the Wii is and how to customize it? Amazing! Well, let me tell you pal, the Wii is the only the greatest game console to ever be invented is all! It’s maker is Nintendo of Japan. Nintendo has been around for a long time playing around with the creation of games and it just so happens that as of the time of this writing the Wii is in it’s seventh iteration now. As with anything in this world that has to do with technology or computers Nintendo’s Wii of course directly competes with the gods of Microsoft and their console the Xbox 360 as well as Sony’s Playstation3. While the world of game consoles targets a particular audience of youngsters the Wii according to Nintendo has a broader range to appeal to in the demographic that they have created. By the end of 2008 the Wii was the leading gaming console over all others in worldwide sales.

There truly is so much to say about game consoles today and the addicted gamers that frequent the use of such devices. One thing about the Wii that stands out among the rest is the fact that the Wii uses a wireless controller and remote which is used to point and detect movements in 3D. Another interesting aspect to the will is that it can be automatically updated over the internet 24/7 while the unit is in standby and the owners of the unit are fast asleep. Another interesting fact is that you can customize the Wii fairly easily! My only wish is that the Wii could go to work for me and bring my checks home. Alas! Such is life!

As time has gone by and technology has progressed in the form of computers and the internet both of which have their respective subcultures called “techy” and “Geek” Another subculture has developed from the primordial soup of technology. The gamer! God bless the gamer. Battles have been won and lives have been lost all without shedding an ounce of blood. Anger has been fueled and wars have been waged and kingdoms plundered and heads lopped off all in the name of the gamers. Gamers want it all! The speed! The sound! The graphics! The ram! The ability to customize the console! The cooling fans so they don’t have a meltdown. Above it all gamers want it all and will stop at nothing to do whatever it takes to push their game consoles to the very limit if not the outer limits!

So as time went by gamers and geeks of all types began to think about how to push their game consoles far beyond the capabilities of what it could do right out of the box. People wanted to know how to customize the Wii especially as it is the most versatile of game consoles. Hence, the game mod was born. A mod is a chip that has lots of functions but most notably the mod chip has the power to allow the gamer to indulge in the playing of game backups. However it is good to note here that this form of backup is not legitimate, and therefore illegal! There are other aspects to mod chips such as the ability to allow the user to play homebrews which is just a buzzword for game emulators and games made in someones garage. It would be good to mention here though for the sake of gamers that many people who have created games in the garage are quite wealthy these days. These homebrews would allow the gamer to play games other that the one’s that their respective consoles were meant to play. Games like NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. It used to be in the “bad old days” of gaming that one would have to open up the console to install a mod chip that would allow the user to play homebrews Today this is not the case anymore. In the modern age of gaming mods are done by software and homebrew membership sites that provide all the software necessary to mod a Wii or any other game console. These sites are legitimate and adhere to the standards of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. With these services in place one will never need to open up their Wii or any other console and perform a hardware mod and play games illegally ever again. Sites of this nature provide large databases full of games and software and open up new worlds for today’s modern gamer to walk into and experience. There is so much more to the Nintendo Wii than just what you saw when you opened the box!

The Wii has a potential that most people are unaware of and that unawareness cuts them off from a whole other level of enjoyment in gaming. To learn more visit:


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