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by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

Article by Albert

In order to keep your PC up to date, efficient and high-quality in performance a regular PC diagnostics is required to perform with the help of windows in built system tools as well as with other computer cleaner program like an antivirus program or any anti Malware software. You may also take some external computer help to keep your computer updated and efficient.

Few of the important points need to be taken into consideration before performing any computer tweaks and tricks.

Hardware status- Without a good hardware configuration you cannot imagine the maximum output and great performance from your computer. It is the hardware who runs all the application and other system software on it. Thus make sure all your hardware components are in working state and compatible with your software are running on it. IF any of your hardware is not compatible or broken, no computer program, registry cleaner or any other software would help you to boost your PC performance for sure.

Memory status and memory size- Memory mainly random access memory or RAM is responsible for the best PC performance and speed. If you are running Windows 7 and you’ve installed just 256MB of RAM, you cannot imagine that your PC will be giving you the best outcome out of it. It is because the minimum RAM requirement for running the Windows 7 is at least 1 GB. So verify that the RAM is sufficient enough in your computer.

Drivers are updated and compatible-usually people do not pay much attention to a driver set that are installed in the computer. Remember if any of device drivers are not in working state they will create many PC related issues such as slow computer, computer freezing, blue screen of death and many more.

Number of programs installed in the computer:- Now also make sure that how many program are installed in your computer and how many of them are not being used by you. Always remember that number of programs installed in your PC is directly affecting your system performance. As less the programs are installed the chance of a good system performance are always high.

Computer virus:- Computer virus is one of the most prominent causes that affect your system performance. Using a good and an updated antivirus and anti spyware program can cure of this issue. However sometime we may need to do some extra work to eliminate any computer malicious item from the computer.

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