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The hottest gaming console currently is the Nintendo Wii console. It was designed with the consumer in mind. Adults and children alike enjoy the hours of entertainment it provide. Ideally, it’s used often to move about instead of sitting down like a regular gaming console. There are many different benefits to the gaming console and tons of games for it.

The first object to look at is the Wii controller. Instead of a traditional two-handed controller, it’s often used in one hand. The controller is very much like a TV remote. The interface of the Wii is user-friendly and easy to follow. Adults have no problem following the interface at all!

This gaming console is smaller as opposed to its other counter parts. It sits vertically and is only about the size of a medium book. The vertical make of the console makes it ideal to virtually put anywhere on your entertainment center.

It’s fairly easy to set up. A/V cables come equipped with your Wii system to attach to your TV or home theater system. While the pixel resolution isn’t any higher than 480, you still get awesome graphics for the price!

512 MB is what makes up the internal memory of the Wii. You can increase the size by purchasing an SD card. It’s actually cheaper to use the SD cards than traditional memory cards like other systems utilize. Wii is easily navigated using a channel’s system. It’s almost like browsing a TV channel menu.

The Nintendo Wii console has made changes to people’s everyday life. Most of the games require you move all around as opposed to sitting down. This helps people get moving and motivate them to work out. Because of this feature, many workout games are already developed for the Nintendo console.

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