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by DavidErickson

In big countries such as the US, internet service providers cannot offer high speed internet connections to rural areas or remote places, due to the increased expenses. This is why satellite internet is an ideal solution for those who want to have fast internet connections wherever they are.

The process of installation and setup takes just a couple of minutes, but learning how to work with it takes much more. As in all satellite connections there is some kind of delay, therefore satellite internet is not appealing to online gamers who need to have a real time connection to the game servers. Let’s see though how this impressive and very helpful technology works and ensures high speed internet connections for millions of people all over the world:

The user needs a satellite dish. A one way transmission from the satellite sends the necessary data to the dish.

From the dish the receiver captures the signal and transforms it into a readable source and data. Here is where the reverse process starts; internet connection is a two way connection, as the PC sends and receives signals and data at the same time.

The transceiver which is connected to the computer brings the digital signal to the dish antenna, which sends the signal back to the satellite. The satellite is supposed to forward the same data information signal to the provider centre, which is mostly known as networks operation centre, or else NOC. NOC receives the information and forwards it to the internet; every single order and data transfer follows the exact same process and route from and to the user’s computer.

Satellite internet works on the so called ‘line of sight’ system of communication, which makes the transmitted signal susceptible to weather conditions, however it is a great invention for people who cannot acquire high speed internet otherwise.

It is estimated lately that 10 million people in the US use satellite connections, since it’s both practical and cheap.

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