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Blogs have taken over the internet. Fifteen years ago they did not exist, now most people have one. What is a blog? As you probably know, a blog is a site that works as a diary or scrapbook. People write what they are thinking about or are interested in.

However, what kind are there? What do writers use them for? And probably more interesting a question, why would you want your own blog? This article will look into a small sample of the kind of blogs out there. It will not be an exhaustive report; you would need a few books to do that theme justice. Box standard blogs. These are your typical, often boring, diaries, where someone starts to talk and talk about the latest problem they have, the last movie they went to see, how many boyfriends they have and other fascinating subjects.

Specialized Blogging. This refers to blogs on niche subjects like, bookbinding, a rock group, rock climbing or nail biting techniques, mice races, anything. You do not think there are websites on mice races? Check. This is probably the best part of blogs, they are about every subject under the sun, which means that if you are interested in something the chances are somebody is already blogging about it.

Hobbies blogs. These blogs are written for a niche audience that share some interest. The number of hobbies and interests that have their own blog is huge. You can find them on any subject you can think of. Can you imagine writing a website on the fascinating world of rat races? Well if you search for it on your favorite search engine you can read about it.

Affiliate Writing. This is not so much as a type of blog as a reason for blogging. They have evolved from egocentric diaries for the world to share to business some people do rather well from. How do people make money from their blog? In a variety of ways. The can get paid from ad word adverts from Google or some other advertising agency; sell advertising directly, although you generally have to be able to prove your traffic is pretty high to do that; or simply by selling or helping others to sell stuff. That might sound strange if you have never been involved with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simple really. You get paid to help others sell their product. A typical way to make money from affiliate marketing is by writing a post, or page, on a certain product. They generally include a link to the product they are talking about and if someone buys something after pressing on one of your links they get a percentage of what the person bought.

As you see there is no end to the type of blogs that exist or will exist. If you have a skill or an interest you would like to share with the world, blogs might be the way to go.

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