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by Will Lion

Article by Andrena Markley

From the grand oldie granddad to the cutie kid, the big headed boss to the trendy college girl, you will hardly discover anyone without a mobile phone. Mobile phones have become very much a part of our lives today.Because of the enormous advantages associated with the mobile phones, the are slowly becoming incredible, and perhaps mobile phones are the most widely used communication devices.

Mobile phones are portable, so it is easy to carry them wherever we go. We can make and receive calls whenever we like and wherever we go. So, it is a very convenient to use a mobile phone because of its mobility. Mobile phones are like a trusted friend with the help of which we can communicate with our friends and family during emergencies.
A mobile phone gives us opportunities to communicate, irrespective of time, because with a mobile phone in hand, discussions can take place even while travelling or sitting at leisure. A mobile phone is just like a guide in our journeys, because even if we are unaware about the location of a particular area we can give a call to confirm and check details quickly.

The mobiles of today are much like a multi-tasking device than a single communication gadget. Most of the mobile phones are equipped with Internet browsers, music players, cameras and games. We can rejuvenate our minds by listening to the music or playing games when we are completely exhausted with the daily work. The internet browsers allow easy access to the Internet, so whether we are businessman or general user we can browse the Internet to get the necessary help, check, and send and receive e-mails.

Not to mention, most of the modern day mobile phones have various sophisticated software which enables users to execute official works while on the move. Apart from this the organisers, calculators and converters in the mobile phones helps us to plan our schedules, calculate instantly and check currency values at our finger tips.

Either you want to wake up early for jogging or for a movie, set the alarm in your mobile phone, and you are right there in time. Again, people who are hard at hearing can send text messages from mobile phones and communicate with others.

Thus the mobile phones are like a walking stick in the old age to accompany us in every step of our life.

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