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by Laughing Squid

Just a few years ago, the idea of having a computer in ones home seemed farfetched for most Chinese. Nowadays, with the advent and popularity of the home computer, its advantages and disadvantages have been a subject of discussion.
There is no doubt that like TV, computers benefit people hugely. With the computer, the home will become a library, a school, an office and an entertainment center. All transactions, from banking to shopping, will be performed electronically and all information, from train schedules to discount-price goods, will be as close as the press of a key. In addition to providing us many of the facilities and services we now must travel to obtain, with the Internet, the computer will even let us communicate directly with other homes and with information sources world-wide. Despite the increase in efficiency and convenience generated by the computer, the changes it brings could very well lead to potentially adverse consequences. For example, as nearly all activities could be conducted in the comfort of our homes, we could all become hermitlike, never feeling any need to leave the house. This would be unfortunate because our children especially will become so addicted to computers that they might never be exposed to either peer pressure or social interaction. Unquestionably, the challenge of the home computer means we all should consider how we can control it, so that it wont control us.
It is widely accepted that advantages of home computers, the symbol of advantages of technology, provide many convenient ways to solve puzzles. However, others argue that PC, more often than not, is harmful to the people who frequently depend on computer for their work and life.

From my point of view, I suppose that home computer bring more disadvantages than advantages. Firstly, we spend more and more times in front of computer result in consequence that we dont have sufficient times to sport. Secondly, it is negative consequence that computers consume substantial energy of electric. Finally, we havent used it to do significant things as a matter of fact. For instance, we are engage in internet or PC game.

As the proverb says No garden is without its weed. Essential to some extent as computer is, I still advocate reducing its using by efforts.

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