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by Official GDC

When quality and timeline could not be compromised, IT professionals chose to move towards more reliable, interactive and qualitative business solutions. You cannot question on the engagement delivery models when the analysis and research from the scratch is based on through research and analysis, testing, choosing the best business model and consultancy. Offshore Outsourcing is oscillating the IT market to and fro with higher momentum but in the near future this may tend to return to a position where scarcity of resources in comparison to demand is predicated to happen. Resources will be insufficient and Indian currency value will increase with improved infrastructure and education system. Offshore IT Outsourcing continue to soar high in the international market and share major part of revenue generated.

Value oriented significant presence of India in the upsurging IT market cannot be denied. When hiring in-house skilled professionals in the developed nations got costlier then the big players started peeping out and really the gem was in hand!! Harvest the fruits of offshore outsourcing. India, the land of rich resources and cheap labor was the target and gradually absorbed by the top companies. India is the hallmark of offshore IT outsourcing and the most preferred destination because of the broad spectrum of resources that it offers to its clients. The game was not one sided, offshore outsourcing proved to be the road map for Indian entrepreneur to global market. India also captures the road vehemently. Rise is marked with bigger name of Indian market, growth of number of international hubs in India, set up of number of offshore development and management segments to India, increase in Indian currency value and improved infrastructure.

Offshore and outsource both the terms are used interchangeably, and are often confusing so let me brief out these two.

Offshore means beyond the boundaries i.e. moving and relocating to another country, Outsourcing is transfer of business processes to some third party for its management; it generally involves non-core activities that are moved from an internal to an external entity. Dedicated and expert professionals are involved in offshore outsourcing business models and are solely responsible for business processes and their qualitative and timely delivery of projects. Giant enterprises are hiring IT and software professionals at higher rate and looking for more offshore developers at a reasonable cost to enhance their productivity and quality of production.

I have been repeating in almost all my article that India is the most preferred destination for offshore IT outsourcing because of the broad spectrum of resources that it offers to the giant IT players at very low cost. It is not a specific factor that lead brand players invest in India but myriad factors are accountable for this. The geographic location i.e. India can be easily reached from different parts of the world, sufficient low-cost-effective-quality resources.

Custom website design, web site design of all types, dynamic or static, interactive and user friendly websites; India is offering holistic and comprehensive list of services to fulfill all the web designing needs of your company. Dedicated designers inculcate a lot from the websphere, resources available online and then use the most useful of them in best possible way to deliver the best deigning results. Designs are reflexive, spontaneous, creative and unique. Some of the most using designing tools and software available are Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, CorelDraw & PhotoShop. They also redefine websites to make them more user friendly and search engine crawlable. Skilled designers are always trained about the latest design tools and technologies, how to use these in practical life and deliver business solutions. These skilled professionals are also involved in workshops, training program. A separate team works dedicatedly to innovate new designs, explore and show their creativity. Team of graphics designers, Web editor, flash designers, flex designers all work together in coordination to provide best design solutions. Core capabilities are well defined and properly taught to make industry aspirations. The offshore design and development solutions promise quality that work smoothly in all environment, are browser compatible and are platform independent. The business development solutions are process driven and minimize the risk and increase the efficiency of operations involved.

These solutions can help make your own brand name, advertise your services and products, on-line advertising is made easy, business gets automated. Our offshore website developers are adept in using all kind of tools that will impart liveliness to your website.


Icreon, is an Offshore Software Development Company, that savvy your business needs by providing elite software business solutions and Full Time Equivalents and Staff Augmentation Services.

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