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by ktpupp

You are at the right place if you are in need of the software developers who are skilled and certified. We train our developers to work in various fields so it depends on you whether youdesire the software developers for Research and development, system maintenance or you need support for your any ongoing development project. We train them to work in the same working hours and make them professionals in numerous fields. With the substantial savings, you can get the proficient, technical and well managed professionals.

With the advancement of Staff-based ODC model, it has become very easy to convert many disadvantages of outsourcing to the advantages. You can easily maximize the quality work by minimizing the extra effort and time, since ODC model provides the tight control on the whole process. It has provided the great feasibility on the round- the –clock programming by developing the process control as well as the recruitment conditions.

Manytimes in these changing environment conditions it is found that it becomes quite impossible to predict the requirement and process for the development of the software developing solutions. Following conventional software Enhancement Life cycle at several instances becomes difficult for planning the project, gathering the requirements, developing and Quality control process. So in these conditions you could get great help from our Offshore Developers or Dedicated Team (ODT) which has proved to be the successful business model for various intermediate project outsourcing.

We offer the companies to Hire the dedicated developers who have proven the scenario for the companies. The Developers could work for you on the various projects of maintenance, Documentation and Quality Control.

These professional works for you at a fixed monthly fee set by the Offshore Development Model. They always offer you with the number of facilities so that you never get disappointed. One of the extended features provided by us is Offshore Dedicated Team with which you can easily get the flexibility and various resources, from clock- to market and have the secured IRL (Intellectual Property Rights). Clients have all the Intellectual Property Rights with them. We train a various small groups of engineers so that the relationship could remain well maintained. Therefore, we provide you with the cost-effective dedicated facility, so that if you ever need the continuous offshore support they could be available to you.  Development process framework in addition to quality customer support is provided so if you need them for any specific need they could be utilized.

You can have total control on the dedicated developers since they maintain a transparent image during the work and you can have the high quality work at minimum prices through the dedicated team.ODT acts as the extension for you in the house and you can have continuous maintenance as well as support for your project with these teams.

There number of advantages

You don’t need to provide any overhead or hidden cost since they are available to you at the fixed price on the monthly basis.
You can easily save up to 40-60% in comparison to the other conventional outsourcing or onsite teams.
You receive security of Intellectual Property Rights.
With the ODT, customer friendly polices you get the high return rates at very low risks.
Since the working of ODT is transparent so you can have the best control over the development and quality control process.


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