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It was way back in 2004, that the work on HTML 5 started, and till date it is not completed. According to Ian Hickson who is the co-editor of this project, the final draft of HTML 5 may be ready till 2022. Despite this the current version of the HTML is quite effective.

Which are the top 5 excellent features of HTML 5?

Video: HTML 5 allows the web designer to insert a video on a webpage. This is as easy as inserting an image. The video can be manipulated. The video controls are also built in. For embedding the video the designer need not depend on codes generated by third party.

Canvas: The HTML code facilitates the designer with a region to draw. This region is called canvas and has an element of width and height. HTML 5 offers a new function of graphics that can be dynamically generated. With the help of this code you can compose photos, draw graphics and do animation (both simple as well as complicated). One of the best features is that for this no external plug-in is necessary.

Geographical Location: Your location can be shared with other web sites through geo-location API. Your location details can be made available to the web page JavaScript. The Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as network signals like Bluetooth, Wifi, and IP address are sources of information pertaining to location. This facility is subject to the permission of the web site owner.

Application Cache: This facility has a dual effect. One can store the web application such as emails. These web applications are accessible without internet connection. This feature has been implemented in Google Gears. Google Gears assist in accessing the Gmail offline.

Hyper-Threading: HTML codes facilitate the web site designer with a feature known as Hyper-Threading especially for website browsers. The feature facilitates processing through different background threads. The webpage performance is not affected by this feature; on the contrary this feature quickens downloading. Applications depending on heavy scripts, that take a longer time to download, can make the best use of this feature.

The above mentioned features meet most of the demands of the modern day web designer and developer. None the less there are some pitfalls too, especially with reference to compatibility. Some browsers like IE are not fully compatible with HTML 5. HTML 5 is still in the development stage. Some specific features of HTML 5 have not been fully developed.

It is obvious that the beneficial features of HTML 5 overweight its loopholes by a big margin. It is always better to consult a professional website designer and developer to make the best of HTML 5 and embed its features in your website.

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