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High-speed Internet access is also in the sense of the technological world, such as broadband Internet. Short-term access to broadband Internet use is the “broadband”. This type of Internet access is much faster than to surf the Internet with your desktop or laptop computer via a dial-up access over a modem.

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dial-up modems are slow, because usually only capable of a maximum bit rate (rate of transmission of bitsdata) of 56 kbps (kilobits per second). with this small amount of data transferred, even this type of Internet access requires the full use of a telephone line.

This means that if your computer is connected to the Internet with the telephone calls will not be used for inbound or outbound.

Attempting to call a person that their phone line while using the Internet is the voice in a row, getting a busy signal ormail. Second, the broadband technologies can deal with cases at least twice the speed of a dial-up and the majority of calls do not interfere with the use of the telephone line for your phone.

- Quest high speed internet

In most places in the United States, technologies for broadband Internet access, have paid particular rules. The technology used DSL and cable modems.

Now there are a certain state of the art technology that is used in some regionsincluding VDSL and fiber connections. Fiber-optic communication is used in fiber to the premises and fiber systems sidewalk. However, optical fiber critical position to allow access to broadband internet because of the fact that for the transmission of information over long distances much more cost effective than copper wire technology. The cost of copper has risen dramatically in recent years