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by TaranRampersad

Hermes Organize is revolutionary software that can be extremely beneficial to your sales force. It enables you to manage your appointments in an effective manner and can greatly improve the performance of your sales team by systematic management. This software can help your telephone service representatives (TSRs) to schedule appointments for your sales team in a convenient and flawless manner.

Hermes Organize is a perfect solution for to your sales force appointment management. The chief advantages offered by this software are as follows:

Qualified Appointments – Hermes Organize enables you to manage all types of appointments. Your TSRs can gather information from your clients or prospects and schedule appointments and the appointment schedule is then disbursed to your sales force. The appointments taken are further confirmed through a follow up call back by a live agent or through an Interactive Voice Response system, or IVR. The IVR scenario is designed in such a manner that it can not only confirm the appointment, but also reschedule it if need be. The IVR can take down the details of the rescheduled appointment with the help of speech recognition software, or text to speech software.

Real time Appointment Management – Once the appointment is taken, the TSR can assign a personalized profile to it. The representative can view the unified calendar of the organization and the available sales executives, and then allot a specific agent for a specific appointment by simply clicking the appointment button.

Geolocalization – Hermes Organize can be integrated with a geolocalization application, to benefit from tracking and maps available.

This way, the TSRs can assign appointments among the sales force executives on the basis of their location. The appointments are distributed in such a manner that minimum travel is required by your sales representatives. The software even sends travel and itinerary plans to the sales executives.

Enterprise wide communication – The unified calendar can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. This way, whenever a TSR schedules an appointment, the details populate on the calendar of your company’s email client. These details can be viewed by all the employees of your organization by simply logging in to their email account using internet. Thus, the sales representatives are informed about their appointments no matter where they are located. They even have an option to make changes if required. All the changes made by the TSRs or sales representatives are updated on the unified calendar.

Respecting appointments – An appointment confirmation is sent using email, fax, SMS or courier to the client or prospect. The confirmation is also simultaneously sent to the concerned agent.

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