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The New Economy

new economy The New EconomyWhile the transition from brick-and-mortar businesses to digital pixels will never be complete — after all, we are social creatures — more and more the Internet will become the de facto platform for profiling and finding goods and services. Indeed, the marketing resource par excellence, Marketing Sherpa, has predicted online markets and search will be the most desired marketing fields in the coming years. The new crux of our modern economy has less and less to do with traditional markets and more and more to do with online markets.

Without the proper amount of bandwidth and the servers to process the incoming clicks, moving towards the great World Wide Web will be an exercise in futility. This requires having an experienced IT department and the appropriate array of hardware. While the transition to online markets seems like a natural evolution, it must be pointed out that a great deal of infrastructure must be in place in order to capitalize on the transition.

The appropriate hardware should have embedded board that are capable of processing millions of permutations and content requests in under 10 seconds. Most users will abandon a site — or page — should it fail to load within 10 seconds. Though patience is a virtue, it is a detriment in the online marketplace. Long load-times are indicative of a rather “unprofessional” site. Whether or not this is actually the case is beside the point.


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Happy Computer

happyshopping Happy ComputerWhen it’s time to buy a new computer, or any other electronic gadget, we all know that finding the best deal can be a daunting task. With the wide variety of options on the market today, and every company trying to come up with the best package deal for the money that includes the latest computer or gadget along with several of their most popular accessories, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when trying to make the best choice. This confusion can lead to poor decisions and can cause you to wind up with an outdated model or overpriced, unreliable accessories that either malfunction right away or are simply more trouble than they are worth.

But don’t despair! The good news is that there are actually just a few deals out there that truly offer the best value for the money, so it’s really just as simple as knowing where to look for them! Instead of wasting your precious time trying to find the best deals on your own, visit this new computer shopping website, Shop for Computer Online. They have done all of the legwork for you, and have created a comprehensive online resource that brings all of the hottest deals on the best computer and consumer electronics brands to one convenient location!

At Shop for Computer Online they have located the best products and prices to bring you the absolute best deals for any budget. Whether you are looking for a desktop, laptop, printer, monitor, GPS system, PC game or practically any other electronic device, rest assured that they can help you find exactly what you want.


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USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars.

beautiful USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars.Today we review 4 beautiful Gadgets from There were many interesting products to choose, but these ones seem very unique or useful at the same time and also very technological for all our geeks readers.

The trait in common between some of them is the use of USB as power source. Use of USB is becoming very common lately. Just consider the immense possibilities of this interface: easy to use, plug and play, universal products, any kind of possible use.

p1849 main USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars.The first product of this review is the USB Cassette Deck. With it you can digitize the music trapped on your old cassettes.


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Work and study faster with the new Atom cpu

team Work and study faster with the new Atom cpuThe new Atom cpu from Intel will make us work and study faster! These powerful netbook cpus are coming out a bit earlier than anticipated.

We are talking about the new Atom N280 from Intel, with a 1667 MHz clock, it will use 2 watts only. You’ll find the N280 in the Asus Eee Pc 1000HE and Acer Aspire One D150, but likely more netbooks will use it in the next months. Speed and energy savings are not the only features.

Along with the cpu, a new chipset, the GN40, will allow the Atom to play back HD video at 720p. It’s clear that Intel is trying to face the Nvidia Ion Platform which combines an Atom processor with an Nvidia chip, being able to reach 1080p HD graphics.


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New Technology in 2009

technology3 New Technology in 2009Happy New Year! Let’s begin this year talking about the new technologies we’ll see in the next months.

For every PC enthusiast, I can tell that next processors will be really impressive, with Intel Core i7 that represents a real breakthrough since years! This new year also Intel will introduce its 32nm process. I’m sure this will bring tremendous more power and clock speeds.

Memories will be all DDR3 (Intel Core i7 has triple channel DDR3 memory), exactly 1,066MHz DDR3.


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