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by Coal Cracker of Tremont PA

The hosted PBX system, introduced in late 1997, basically delivers PBX functionality over the PSTN or the internet. With a hosted PBX system, the user gets all the features of the telephone and the voicemail system without having to invest on PBX equipment. Hosted PBX has many advantages compared to a traditional PBX system. With hosted PBX system, the advanced functionalities of a hardware PBX system are provided to the user through a hosted server. Since the user is free from the hassles of maintaining the equipments, the system is also called virtual phone PBX system.

Hosted PBX system provides the customer with all the features of the telephone and voicemail systems. The basic functionalities offered by a hosted PBX system include transfer of call between extensions, custom messages for users holding the line, real time system management, providing detailed call records, custom business greeting for calls, directing multiple calls with employee extension and more.

The customer should get the services from a service provider that provides the functions suiting their company requirements. The major benefits of a PBX system include its easy handling and maintenance and features such as automatic voice call facility, fax, fax mail, call screening, caller id tool, web administration, voice mail, toll free enhancement, pager notification, call by extension and multiple voice mailboxes. A good PBX system should help the company increase productivity and enhance its identity, with cost under control.

Hosted PBX is the ideal choice for companies with distributed employees. Hosted PBX systems with distributed administration and unlimited call capacity, offers ideal solutions for small business organizations. With hosted PBX system, the customer can utilize the basic functionalities of a hardware PBX at cost-effective rates and with greater flexibility. With a technology comparatively easy to use and manage, more companies are turning towards hosted PBX systems.

Alen Smith is a sales representative of AccessDirect, a leading service provider of small business Hosted PBX systems. We provide complete small business phone systems, including: voice mail, toll-free and local phone numbers, and fax-to-email service. Since 1997, AccessDirect has brought affordable, hosted PBX services to small businesses across the country.


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