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by glenmcbethlaw

Hardware Competition, how to find clients?
We do from the beginning of 2007 Korea YG-1 product Proxy , YG’s main products Mills , Taps, Drill ; Their products in South Korea earlier start, and from the plant in 1981 to the present, the main job of the European market before, until the second half of last year focused on doing the Chinese market. We did their agents, their objectives and requirements of our years is 8 million, but in 2007 more than half a year has been completed, our sales did not pick up a bit.

Here is what I feel in the work of some of the problems and difficulties:
1, YG products to the Chinese of the time a little late, many companies are using to enter the Chinese market earlier in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other brand products; on our new products stay on the sidelines of the state. Very strange.

Second, our blind items prepared in accordance with the regular part of inventory, customers encounter or want to try to find goods, and a question are not found elsewhere, after looking for other brand products, some of the more partial or hard to find products, our inventory unwanted, but we do not want the spot. To the South Korean manufacturer is YG, a small branch or several branches of a few they do not want production, have at least minimum quantity requirements. Or we did not spot Korean cargo delivery first class on at least 2 months or more. In this case, our company very passive and helpless.

So now we are caught in the confusion in the company as a whole, does not know how to do the. Return or give up is not possible, can only persist in advance, but I am really confused. In this case, we should be running slowly, while South Korea took the initiative to find customers, or is it to South Korea give us some support?

In addition, such fierce competition, we are waiting for customers on our products to try to recognition from the unfamiliar to the familiar, in addition to waiting time, we do to solve the situation we now find ourselves? How do we find a breakthrough, so stock up while virtuous cycle, retain intention to seek goods clients?

Users thread The forum is a lot of friends, “My name is Renee,” raised questions in the forum for this issue, users have published their views raised:

Friends “nuclear power”: Now many people in the hardware Tool This is one to do foreign trade, may wish to use the trade-related e-commerce website version Zhao Zhao foreign customers, not necessarily looking for customers from the domestic market.

Friends “know to know”: the use of traditional methods to find the domestic market, there are certain difficulties, in opening up the market there are many difficulties, can be said that a long story.

Friends “Kida”: Can not start reducing your company’s customers do? First at the local or nearby surrounding cities, search for information on Korean companies, of course, is the need to search for Korean enterprises use your product information.

Name and address, names phone numbers, after the hand, the conduct of telemarketing. So many manufacturers, there are always a few to go to your company’s products, right?

Perhaps also some Korean and plants, as they stay away from South Korea, are working on the mainland can not find what they need to worry about it while South Korea YG, YG you are Korean agent, but they are also looking for you?

Or, if your boss is very close relations with South Korea YG if YG asked him to talk to South Korean companies who discuss these issues, can help introduce several previously purchased YG products in South Korea, now have set up factories in mainland China customers to you.

Can talk about setting a more favorable conditions for the YG willing to South Korea in the Korean mainland YG products need to use the information to your customers. Try to communicate with YG, you can do very well in China, their after-sales service, after all, any product needs some good after-sales service, the South Korean YG in South Korea, Chinese companies customer service, they are beyond the reach of.

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