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by avlxyz

Hi, guys!

Welcome back to the second part of my article.

On the last article, I have show you some of the great tips to find an absolutely cheap computer hardware on the web, which I called them the “Big 3″.

If you have read my last article, you will notice that I have miss something out!

Yes, you’re right…

I was missing out the last rule about the “quality”. Did I do this intentionally?

Yup, you right again! How smart? icon smile Guide To Find Cheap Computer Hardware on the Web Part 2

So, what is the reason for me to doing this? It’s because this subject, the “Quality” require more detail discussions.

Finding cheap hardware is important. But, don’t ever forget the quality, too.

Quality have a massive effect for your hardware performances, and quality always come along with price.

And low price product usually followed by low quality product too!

So, please be careful when considering to buy cheap product, especially cheap computer hardware on the web.

It’s rather difficult to ask for substitution if you found out that there is a buggy things on your delivered product.

And… It will cost you another buck to send the hardware back to the vendor….!

So, once more I warn you. Be careful…!

But don’t worry. This article’s written in mean to eliminate that major problem for you.

Finding quality product is easy, if you know how!

So, how is it?

By pushing down your raging emotion…

And remember these sentences:

The ultimate saving tips is not about buying what’s the cheapest…

It’s about finding which best quality hardware that have the lowest price!

Emotion will usually lead you to the end of your transaction without even knowing if you have do it right from start.


When buying, let’s say- a motherboard.

While visiting the page, you will browse around, won’t you?

And you will be pitched by lots of banner or textual ads. And sometimes, you will see that the whole page showing you a certain brand of motherboard.

There is a psychology effect in you. Especially if you don’t have a sufficient information on what you are going to buy.

Result? You will be suggested subconsciously that the XXX brand is great! and you will buy it!

Yup! That will subconsciously happen if you don’t have a mental preparation.

Just like what the idiom says, “love at the first sight” icon smile Guide To Find Cheap Computer Hardware on the Web Part 2

The only key to prevent this to happen is to settle down your emotion.

Do not make a immediate judgment just from what you see. You need to hear it and feel it thoroughly before taken out your credit card to begin your purchasing.

And not from one source only! You must take some actions to find out more information from several vendors.

Some vendor allow their customers to give a rating or testimonial for the specific hardware. So, you can use this feature to find out what other people saying about it.

This information is very crucial for you. You can also find out more information from several forums that discuss about computer hardware.

Or, you also can visit some websites that are specially designed for guiding you thoroughly on hardware, like http://www.mysites-advisor.com

You can also use your favorite search engine to dig out some information. Search engine is my favorite tool to dig information. My favorite is Google. Google allow you to type in some formula that will give you some targeted results.

I have discussed it on my last article (Part 1). The URL is http://www.ezinearticles.com/?Guide-to-Find-Cheap-Computer-Hardware-on-the-Web—Part-1&id=381275

I hope this will help you…

See you soon at my next articles! icon smile Guide To Find Cheap Computer Hardware on the Web Part 2


If needed, you can go offline too!

Offline world give you an opportunity to feel the product more deeply. And you will also hear some of the advantages and disadvantages of the computer hardware that you are going to buy. Which you can use it for evaluation!

Ken Xu

[http://www.mysites-advisor.com] – Site that dedicated to discuss about computer hardware, Especially the quality hardware.

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