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Graphic designing is an art of delivering message to a chosen audience through a stream of visual images. It has a wide commercial use in advertising and publicity as well as the educational field. The art includes the dual techniques of computer graphics and computer animation. While computer graphics refers to creating images through computer, animation is the art of setting images to movements.

The term ‘graphic designing’ is in fact the combination of various art forms, which focus on visual presentations. With the advent of IT technology in recent years, the art of graphics has become immensely popular, and is a much sought after multimedia application in divergent business forms.

Graphic designing is widely in demand in visual and print media, especially for advertising and publicity, cinematography and educational fields. In fact, the visual graphics has so dominantly pervaded our life that the life without the glimpse of a graphics cannot be imagined of. Commencing a day’s journey, from dawn to dusk, there is no moment in a person’s life that goes without one’s focussing on a work of graphics. The early morning newspaper, the road-side signboard, shopkeeper’s hoarding, the TV watch, the official communication through a Company letterhead, business transaction through a cash receipt, a class-room demo, text-book reading or net surfing, there is graphics display every where.

Graphics importantly relate to world of business. Businessmen and entrepreneurs jostle before Graphics Designers to develop for them an attractive logo or a hitting theme that would fetch them the huge profits. Attractive and eye-catching ads are designed by the graphic designers with the help of a motley of artists in respective fields.

The script-writers invent catchy themes, dialogues and messages; the paint-brush artists develop symbols, logos and images; photographers, video-graphers, sound recordists and the software analysts, each plays his role skilfully in a bid to jointly deliver a perfect message. The objective is to promote sales and reap profits.

Website designing is the essence of all printing and publication works. No books, magazines, newspapers, or pamplets would appear before us, if there were no graphic designing. In all publication works. when all the print material is ready, it is the designer who sets the entire print-format in order. It is the designer’s perception that decides, what shape and form the page-look should bear, and where the pictures, designs or sketches should appear, to make it look attractive and fanciful.

Graphics greatly help in selling a product or an idea through effective visual communication. The company logos and themes are designed ingeniously in a bid to establish corporate identity or a brand name. A team of professionals jointly work to script themes and messages that can touch chords, stir passions and enamour customers to bring about huge returns.Graphic designsimprove the readability of visual presentations.

Graphics hold reigns in printing of text books. In science and mathematics books where diagrams and illustrations are too common, graphics deliver the product. Graphic designs make the information more accessible and understandable.

In the news media, comprising, newspapers, magazines and television, the presentation of news and facts is greatly improved with the help of graphics. With the advent of the web and the interactive tool, Adobe Flash, the information designers have got better equipped to illustrate the news stories.

Graphic designs apply in the entertainment industry. Graphics build up scenes, stage décor, and visual story telling.

Graphic designing has emerged as a powerful commercial tool, in the world of economics, today.

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