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by hail2u

Nintendo recently released the black Wii console, and it’s turning out to be a big seller. There are buyers of game systems who want to have a black console, which would match their other home electronics – televisions, DVD players and so on. Other game consoles mostly are available in black, the Wii was an exception as it was only originally available in white. After a couple of years Nintendo finally has released a black console, as well as a red console. Black tends to be more popular because with real gamers, as serious gamers probably think white is not cool enough. Now everyone can have a color they choose.

With the base bundle with a black game system, included is console, a black Remote Plus controller and nunchuck, as well as a couple of games, Wii Sports, and the update Wii Sports Resort. The Sports Resort game requires the Remote Plus to play. Both of these sports games are very popular, with plenty of games: basketball, bowling, golf, tennis, ping pong, and more. The Resort game comes with additional games like canoeing, jet skiing, Frisbee, sky diving, cycling and other games.

The discounts on the black game consoles are available mostly online. you can find them available everywhere, but some of the larger retailers will have more inventory than other sellers. You can usually find a Wii in black at any store where Wii consoles are sold. Keep in mind though that this is a popular console, and there may be limited quantities everywhere Online retailers can also save you money, with free shipping and waived sales tax, depending on where you live. You’ll find good prices online for Wii black bundles.

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