291375716 3d26bb08ff m Get Your Xbox 360 Console Red Ring of Death Fixed All by Yourself
by Tim Zim

The Xbox 360 console has gotten the love and attention from lots game lovers since the day got the market. The reason why I love this console is because of it’s unique features like breath taking graphics quality and the fantastic online play makes me fall in love with this console the more. But with all of this great features that it has it also has some problems too like the red rings of death which is one of the most common problem many gamers experience with this console. This is a problem that is never fun for game lovers to experience.

The red ring of death is caused by the hardware failure of your Xbox 360 console. This is bad news. But the good news is that you can send you Xbox 360 console to Microsoft for fixing. The red ring of death is a common problem that Microsoft is aware of and is ready to fix it for you for free, if your warranty is not expired yet. But if your warranty is expired then it will cost you $ 150 for Microsoft to fix it for you. Another bad news is that you will have to wait for about 2-6 months before you can get back you Xbox 360 console from Microsoft.

2-6 months is too long for a gamer like you to wait to get his console fixed. So am sure you don’t want to wait that long when you can do the fixing yourself and have your game back on in no time. The red ring of death is is not so technical, because it is caused by the overheating of your console. you probably might have your Xbox in a cabinet because you think it looks fine that way. If you must prevent the red ring of death from getting your Xbox, then you will have create an environment where your Xbox can breath and that means you will have to place it on an open surface where there is a free flow of air. that is all you need to do to have your console working again.

You can also get a detailed home repair guide that includes videos and pictures online on how to fix the red ring of death, without having to pay much. you should be a happy gamer after knowing all of this because there is definitely going to be a difference with your console.

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