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by Ars Electronica

Gaming consoles are constantly updating, each console being more sophisticated than its predecessor. There are constant technological updates with new systems and always mixed reviews about each console. With all the consoles currently available, which one best suits you?

The Nintendo Wii Console was the first of its kind to use motion-censored interaction to activate game play. The Wii Console targeted a broader demographic from children to teenagers to parents and grandparents. The Wii Console sells for about 0 and is a multi-player console with various accessories to improve game play.

When the XBOX 360 Console was released, critics gave many positive reviews about it. Its demographics targeted all gamers mostly ranging from children to adults. The XBOX 360 console sells for about 0 (depending on which console you buy) and also has many accessories to improve game play.

TheNintendo DS Console caters to single players who game on-the-go. Its a hand-held console that sells for around 0 (also depending on which console) and comes in different colors as well. The Nintendo DS is popular with the demographics for gamers ranging from children to adults and is popular for on-the-go game-play.

The PS3 Console or Play Station 3 Console is a replacement for its predecessorthe PlayStation2. The PS3 has built-in Wi-Fi and lots of storage room for videos, music, and photos. The PS3 Console sells for about 0 (again, depending on which bundle/console you buy) and is targeted to all demographics as you can do more than just game on the console.

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