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by fboosman

Article by James Morton

This article will compare and contrast the three main games consoles currently on sale, these being, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Wii from Nintendo. Each of the three consoles have a slightly different focus and boast differing features from each other. I hope that by writing this article I may allow for you to better understand each console and hence decide which of the three may suit you best. I will talk briefly about each console in turn before summing up.

Xbox 360The Xbox 360 was the first of the current generation of games consoles to be released in late 2005. Mid 2010 saw the release of an updated slimmer version which is now the only version on sale. It is available with either a 4gb or 250gb hard drive. The 360 has a host of features above and beyond gaming, mainly through connecting to the internet via the in built wifi connection. One of these features is Sky Player, a service that allows Sky customers to stream programmes through their console. As well as this, the Xbox 360 also has a movie store where films can be bought outright or rented then downloaded to the consoles hard drive. Other internet based features include a Facebook app, downloadable game demos and online multiplayer gaming.The games line up for the Xbox 360 is possibly the strongest of all three consoles, with both a greater number and range of games than both the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. While the Nintendo is based more towards the younger or family gamer and the PlayStation 3 more based towards the serious heavy gamer perhaps the Xbox 360 can be seen as somewhere in between.

PlayStation 3As mentioned above, the PlayStation 3 may be seen as the most serious gaming machine. While there are possibly not as many games as on the other consoles they cover a narrower spectrum in terms of style and genre meaning those that enjoy the style of game found on the PlayStation 3 are well catered for.An important feature that makes this console stand out is the inclusion of a BluRay disc drive. This is the only console to have it and it is certainly a useful addition if you have a high definition television and are a fan of movies. This extra functionality however does make the PlayStation 3 the most expensive console currently available. A final point worth mentioning with the PlayStation 3 is the online store where users can purchase games from the older but incredibly successful PlayStation 2 console. These games are usually cheaper than new PlayStation 3 titles but can be great fun, especially for those who remember the games when they were first released.

Nintendo WiiThe Nintendo Wii is the cheapest console on sale. It has been marketed as a purely gaming console which is meant to be fun. Most of the games are aimed at family or younger gamers and are for more recreational use. Compared to the other two, the Nintendo seems rather underpowered and as such the games are not as visually impressive as the 360 or PS3. What the Nintendo has pioneered however is the use of motion control. The player moves the controller and the console picks up on the movement and recreates it on screen. This can allow for a more fun and involving gaming experience. In light of the success of motion control both Sony and Microsoft have created their own systems which are to be released imminently. Recently, Nintendo have added other features to keep interest in the console high. One of these is the inclusion of the BBCs iPlayer service allowing customers to catch up with the previous weeks television through an internet connection. This feature is however also available on the PlayStation 3.

In summary, the Nintendo Wii is most suited to party or family situations where more than one person is playing at once. It is a more relaxed and recreational experience which while not as technologically advanced as the other consoles is also cheaper. The PlayStation 3 is the most serious gaming machine on sale. It is more for those who prefer to play games alone for several hours to get immersed into another environment. It also has the advantage of a BluRay disc drive but is relatively expensive. Finally, the Xbox 360 may be seen as fitting in between the other two. Titles available cover a greater spectrum of genres and while the emphasis is on fun, there is still the impressive graphics and processing power to keep a serious gamer happy. They have however had complaints over build quality and reliability.

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This one took quite a while to make but I’m satisfied about the end result. Once again, this is just my personal opinion and not an official list of any kind. Also, current generation consoles weren’t eligible for this list. For the rest of my top ten videos press here
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