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by Charlie Brewer

Article by Gianni Greco

Playstation will soon be releasing the latest version of the Playstation 3 games console. The new console official title is the Playstation 3 Slim. So, whats the big difference between this and the previous models? Well, as the name suggests, the new games console is small and lighter. In fact the PS3 slim is 33% slimmer than the old model and it is also much quiter. Just because its smaller, this does not mean the new Playstation Slim is lighter in weight under the bonnet, because it doesn’t and the PS3 boast 120GB – this is double the size of the original model.

Key Features Of The Playstation 3 Slim

Blu-Ray movies at full Hi-Definition:The PS3 Slim sports a fully featured Blu-Ray disc player so that movies and games can be enjoyed at full Hi-Def resolution via the on-board HDMI port.

More interactivity:The new PlayStation Operating System (V 3.0), included in the package, gives you even more interactive and user-friendly features, making the console much more than ‘just’ a gaming machine.

Content and services will be available, too, through the ever-growing PlayStation Network. With the PS3 Slims spacious 120GB, you’ll have plenty of room to download your choice of game titles, trailers, demos, movies and TV shows from over 30,000 currently available.

And it looks good, too:With its irresistibly sleek and curvy case, the PS3 Slim is a good-looking creature indeed.It is designed to be placed in a horizontal position, but a stand (available separately) enables the PS3 to be mounted vertically to suit you or your gaming space better.

Better for you and the environment:The PS3 Slim is a powerful new design that uses less power in the process! In this mean machine, power consumption is reduced by a third, making it kinder on your electricity bill and on the environment. And you’ll notice the added benefit of reduced fan noise.

Overall there nothing really new with the Playstation 3 Slim apart from the fact that it is much smaller and that they will be looking to make this a bit cheaper to try and compete better with the Xbox and the Nintendo Wii.

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