Free Database Software Vs Paid Database Software

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by Ed Yourdon

In today’s world of extreme competitiveness, it is hard to circle onto one product that can be tagged as the numero uno. Free database software is no exception. If one looks at the availability of the present day softwares, there is a wide variety. Some of the eminent names are Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and Sybase and they are all excellent in their own right. In brief, what exactly is database software? It is basically an application to organize, manage and store information. There are some features of a database software that describe its functions:

Softwares use tables to store information. Tables are made of rows and columns. A row is called a record and contains the relevant information of a specific parameter or field. For instance, if names of people are listed in a row, it is called a record. The columns supply the additional information of a record (row).

It is more effective than a spreadsheet. Although it is compared to a spreadsheet, there are certain advantages free database software has. For instance, the updating function, allows the user to update all the records. With a spreadsheet one needs to update every record on a regular basis. The reporting function, helps a user to sort through a pile of information to generate reports. The last function is table linking, which states that a database can comprise of more than one table.

There are different types of database available in the market today. Some of them are listed as below:

Server- Server based free database software usually stores data on a central computer and makes it available to other computers via the internet or the network. These kinds of database are usually used in larger businesses and for e-commerce applications.

Web-enabled- This category of database helps to allow the data to be stored locally but it can be available for Internet access. Database such as Microsoft Access help in retaining web pages that do not change on a regular basis.

Desktop- This category of database software serves data from a single computer. They are perfect for residential use.

For instance there are a number of features available with Oracle and that is one of the reasons why it is one of the leading software companies in the world. The software continually offers the most advanced versions and leading features in each of its product.

There are a number of analogous database system software such as Sybase and SQL Server that offer a number of advantages for making use of arrays, loops, conditions and more but in a lot more complicated procedure. Most of these resources maybe time consuming and slow. There are other database such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebrand, BerkeleyDB and so on, which have also made quite a mark on the IT market.

Database softwares are the next best thing to touch the IT market. These will help the software industry reach a cyber utopia, in the recent future.

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