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by sk8geek

Article by Damian Burke

iGoogle is a service which allows web users to create a customisable homepage that features, reviews, information, jokes news feeds and a host of other web content.
For Google users, your iGoogle homepage and any gadgets that you have added to it are available to you wherever you are when you log in.

What Are iGoogle Gadgets?

The iGoogle gadgets are small applications which are embedded into the web site and feed images, videos, audio and Flash content from an outside source. With minimal tweaks, a well written gadget can also be used on other platforms beyond the iGoogle page. They can be hosted on your company website or intranet.

HTML and Java-Script based, the dynamic iGoogle elements are relatively simple in architecture, yet powerful in marketing and content syndication potential.

Five Ways Utilise iGoogle Gadgets for Marketing

“The use of gadgets expands the way businesses interact with their customers online. Your website is no longer the one and only platform to engage customers and as online marketers it is critical that we understand how to leverage new technologies appropriately to build our brands”, says Rob Stokes of Quirk eMarketing in South Africa.

Here are a few things to consider when planning a marketing gadget:

1.Exposure: Millions of internet users access gadgets from their desktops at work or at home every day. By creating a gadget you can make users aware of your brand through useful content as well as improve the presence and stickiness of your brand.

2.Engagement: It’s no good having a static placeholder in the hectic world of international connectivity and dynamic multimedia. Your brand needs to be a living breathing entity of online information – easy through the interactivity of a gadget.

3.Unique Potential: Planning something special for the future? Endless additional gadgets can be used for different purposes and prospects, while gadgets can also be adapted to work on other platforms.

4.Generate Traffic: Interactivity allows you to engage users and potential customers through updates and news feeds – by directing this flow onto your website or blog, you can usher interested users to where they need to be.

5.Tracking: Gadgets afford you much information syndication potential – and monitoring your interactions within the ad itself as well as the generated traffic and overall performance only leads to better insight and market positioning.

Remember, your gadget doesn’t have to be about your product or service specifically, but can offer value to the subscriber while granting you marketing benefits which may not be viewed as a primary objective to the outside user.

How Can I Get A Gadget for my brand?

There are many free and easy-to-use gadget templates available which blend creative advertising possibilities with platform crossing functionality – as well as forums and interest groups for the community to exchange ideas and provide support.

Due to the open source nature of many new internet technologies, the online community is always eager to lend a helping hand to advertisers and developers in an effort towards an improved standard.

Learning More About iGoogle Gadgets?

Google South Africa and Quirk eMarketing have teamed up to create a workshop aimed specifically at marketers, developers and designers. The event will be divided into two sessions which will focus on the marketing and advertising benefits, as well as a look at the creation of gadgets for developers.

The workshop is part of the Google Qualified Gadget Ads Expert programme for marketers and developers; a drive by Google to develop and improve marketing and advertising via gadgets.

Hosted by Rob Stokes and Craig Raw of Quirk eMarketing, the first API gadget themed talk in South Africa, the Google Gadget event is set to be held in Midrand, Gauteng on August 25, 2008 at 4:30pm. Booking is essential.

With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London, Quirk eMarketing lead the way in South African online marketing.
To attend the API gadget event that is being hosted Google South Africa and Quirk, please .

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