With a well-constructed design, this Android 2.2 smart phone also incorporates Skype video chat into the HTC Sense interface. A nice feature of the Sense operating system is that you can move your screens around. The Thunderbolt has 768 RAM and comes preinstalled with a 32GB microSD card for storage. The Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor provides 3G gaming capabilities for great entertainment. This combined with a high amount of RAM enables fast multitasking and an unbelievable gaming experience. Simultaneous voice and data capabilities are now available on Verizon’s network. So, you are now able to book a hotel room while talking to your wife.

The Thunderbolt adds versatility by adding dual mic with noise cancellation, Dolby surround sound, a compass sensor, a proximity sensor, a light sensor, 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB, and FM radio. A case is available for further protection. A case is a cheap accessory that many buyers must consider. However, the screen protector is made of Gorilla Glass to protect from drops, shock, scratches and dents. Accessories include an assorted variety of battery charging devices, Bluetooth car kits, USB and HDMI cables, and a wide variety of cases.

A 1400mAh battery guarantees that your phone will always have the right juice and stay connected for a while. Juice defender is a great application that helps conserve battery power. However, there are numerous different chargers available such as mobile, solar, and emergency devices that will give life to your phone. Standard 930 mAh batteries typical smart phones are using are left to die on the shelves. Because energy conversation and efficiency is huge, HTC engineers have put in a lot of work.

Ability to connect your phone to upload data to your PC is streamlined with the USB port located on the Thunderbolt. You can sync and charge your smart phone with this cable. You can even use your cell phone as a wireless modem and connect to the Internet anywhere you go with your phone. The optional Bluetooth kit makes your hands available while driving to help prevent accidents. Adding a Bluetooth speakerphone improves the Thunderbolt’s user interface.

Whether you’re enjoying YouTube videos at your favorite restaurant with the built in kickstand or downloading the latest Bruce Willis flick, the Thunderbolt will have you entertained for hours on end. HTC is now a worthy contender of Apple, Motorola, Vizio and Samsung as one of the best smart phones on the market. The HTC Sense interface provides some of the best features other OS lacks. Its sensitive touch screen leaves users satisfied when inputting data. The fastest fast is here with 4G LTE technology on Verizon’s network. Standard 2-year contracts apply for new customers.

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