298765018 23b7176267 m Fast Turn Around For PlayStation 3 Repairs
by RW PhotoBug

Article by Media Solutions Marketing

Sony’s PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular gaming products on the market today, and with online gaming becoming more and more popular with young and not so young alike, makes for serious gaming almost 24/7.

The PS3 represents some of the most advanced hardware ever to be dedicated to the business of gaming, this console also has a number of secondary skills, including web browser, and media player, but the most important additional functions of the PS3 is the unit’s built-in Blu-ray Disc (BD) movie playback, also boasting to be one of the best Blu-ray Disc players currently available, it is no surprise that the nation’s attention has been captured by PlayStation 3, once you own this console, you will be hooked, and not want to be without it for one minute.

This sophisticated console gives the ardent gamer the opportunity to lose him or herself in one of the awe-inspiring games from their ever growing collection, you do not want to miss anything in Tekken 6 and worse still, which takes you out of an addictive world all of your own.

The excitement, the thrill, your current game is giving you is something you enjoy, and want to play every single spare minute, but sometimes things happen, to your precious friend, your PlayStation 3 console, you are distraught, angry, disappointed, all these emotions are sweeping through you, you will no doubt be given plenty of advice from fellow gamers, about do-it-yourself, but with such sophistication at your fingertips, is it worth ‘having a go’?, I don’t think so, just use a reputable PS3 repair service, and the answer to all you problems is PS Pros.

PS Pros based in London, offer an extremely fast turnaround for all PlayStation repairs, they are the masters when it comes to repairing all faults with your PlayStation console, they will take on the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death), freezing, not reading games or movies, not accepting disc and many more faults, but what is so great about PS Pros, which takes them head and shoulders above the competition, is they complete any repair the same day.

Two options open to customers, either take your console to the repair shop, located in London, your fault will be repaired within 30 to 40 minutes, while you wait, or use their mail-in service. The mail-in service is simple, PS Pros will arrange to pick up your console and repair the same day, and then deliver back to you for no charge. The repairs cost from