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by jasonwryan

ConsoleUnlock offers safe and easy “modchip“. Wii Chips trick your Wii to be able to run homebrew applications, play games and import the backup set. Chip problem with Wii is to physically open your wii and install the chip. Chips are the best on Wii without soldiers, but just the act of opening the case on your Wii automatically voids the warranty than ever.

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You can go to so-called “professional” to install it for you … Trusting someone who does not know, do business in the dark basement office even darker, he would ask to leave your Wii a few days? So a few days later, only to return to testify that damaged its Wii and do not provide any type of customer, or more, that the basement office is empty and your Wii is gone.
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We heard countless stories of such horror.

So why open your own Wii? What if we told you that is easy and anyone can do this? Our guide, “unlock the Wii,” shows how, with detailed step by step, safe way to open your Wii without chip. If not open the Wii and voiding the warranty, no doubt solder. Good old programs that do not damage anything and that is 100% reversible!

It is compatible with the Wii System Update 4.2 open?

Yes, WiiUnlocker is compatible with the system update 4.2. How have not updated your Wii, however, you can upgrade now. If they want to update, WiiUnlocker is also compatible with all system updates from 3.0 to 4.1.
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I was watching/listening to this weeks Roosterteeth Podcast, they talked about the old NES and how it squeeked when you inserted a cartridge game. Also talked about having to blow on it or adjusting the game to make it work right. Since I still have an old NES I figured I’d show it off for those who don’t know what we old gamers went through back in those days. Appolojize in advance for the NES game door gone, back then we got pissed off at our consoles too, usually ended up throwing the controller at it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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