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by jwbenwell

Console management done remotely, forms an important part of a corporation’s infrastructure and is also a major feature among services in the IT field. A corporation today can achieve the same degree of success as the functionality of their system devices, because computers are the main tools in doing any business. Problems can occur anytime and when IT professionals have to be available all the hours of the day, it definitely is not practical for a professional to fly out from the operations office. To overcome this, remote console management has proved to be an effective tool all over the world.

This management solution has saved corporations millions, by enabling administrators in monitoring, troubleshooting and installing software programs from remote locations. Out-of-band and in-band methods are the two choices available in console management systems. 
Management systems which are in-band prove to be efficient for managing servers and their connected devices provided the server is properly operating.

Administrators of systems, with the required tools are able to access remotely, connections and computers that form the network and also manage and control them from a location which is not on-site. The in-band system is dependent on the drivers of the network operating system to make a connection through a computer. The target server houses a specific port which is accessed through network adapter by the in-band system of console management.

The out-of-band system of console management is also called system of LOM (Lights Out). Here a channel which is dedicated is used for operating devices that test, monitor and manage servers. A system administrator using a RAC (Remote Access Card) and remote control is able to monitor various servers of a network, even when the server is not functioning adequately.

As these latest systems of management are using a channel which is dedicated, they are able to troubleshoot more effectively from off-site, compared to systems which are in-band. The out-of-band systems are not prone to the vulnerability which are faced by devices during management, and accessing a network is possible in any condition, that is, when there is a problem or not.

Compared to in-band which makes use of a network adapter; the LOM system makes use of software through LOM module for monitoring the state of a computer network or an individual system. From a location which is remote and using the right equipment and tools, monitoring is possible of the processor’s temperature, usage percentage and amount of utilization. The software allows the administrator to switch off a computer, install operating systems and other software, do troubleshooting and also do a reboot even when the system is not powered.

Console management is a vital system that forms an integral part of any IT department from across the world. In the present economic situation which is not so great, corporations should strive to get rid of expenses which are unnecessary. The budget for IT can be nearly cut in half if the proper management systems are implemented.

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