131975942 e0c8400392 m Facial Recognition System: A Modern Security Gadget
by limowreck666

In this 21st century, with the increasing rate of crime and offenses, it is very difficult to keep your trust on the protection laws applied by government. The numbers of terror attacks, across the world, have increased the significance of having a security system in place. Use of most appropriate and accurate security systems is not essential for the law enforcement agencies or big corporate houses but it is also an essential need for every small commercial house and for residence too. This is because when a well trained and organized group of terrorists attack at any place, they never leave no stone unturned in finding a place where they can plant a bomb, or where they can easily hide their weapons and other explosive for a large scale terror attack. Hence, this makes it crucial not only for big and large companies or firms to install a home security system in their abode and create an aura of peace. As we all knows that we are living in the era of modern science and technology where difficult interlopers are getting armed with more and more bold technology. But the advancement of technology is an incessant process. We are living in 21st century where no one can easily escape from through the eyes of wide-awake modern security system. One of the basic and best method security systems is Biometrics. Basically this is a foram of access control. This method is used to recognize the humans based on one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral character. There is one more system named as “Facial Recognition” or facial surveillance that is normally used to establish the individuality of individuals in groups but this system is not much common in many firms and companies.

Face recognition system is one of the best physiological biometrics, which is used as one of the additional and mass security measure.

Basically, it is a computer program or just like an application that recognizes a person from a digital image or a video frame from a source.

There are so many people who still ask a question about how facial recognition systems work. This security system is usually used to identify a single person in a very crowded area. This system can easily differentiate the background and the face within a crowd. Each face has multiple and apparent landmarks, the different peaks and valleys that add to the facial features. Facial recognition system compare the facial feature of original picture with those of the one stored in the database. Some of them measured by the system are as follows:

1. Depth of the eye sockets

2. Width of the nose

3. Distance between the eyes

4. The length of the jaw line

5. The shape of the cheekbones

Today, there are so many places where you can easily find these security systems. This is because this system is now compatible with cameras and is in use in airports as well as banks. Access control solutions The most incredible feature of a modern facial recognition system is also that it never compromises on quality from striving to improve the usability and accurateness of the systems.

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