2214289977 10ceab68cb m Exploring the Xbox 360 RROD
by The Seg

The Xbox 360 RROD is an acronym for what is known as the ‘Xbox 360 red ring of death‘ in full – and which refers to one of the commonest Xbox 360 problems.

The basic thing that happens when your Xbox 360 console is faced with Xbox 360 RROD is that upon your switching on your Xbox 360 console, you are met with three flashing red lights around the power switch (rather than the expected four green lights), followed by a situation where the console fails to function any further.

As it turns out, the Xbox 360 RROD is a ‘fatal’ error, meaning that upon encountering it, there is little you can do to resolve it; because unlike other simple errors where just switching the console off and then switching it on sorts everything, the RROD is likely to persist however many times you try switching on and off.

Of course, prior to the occurrence of the Xbox 360, you may notice some warning signs, if you are a keen observer.

Graphical problems when you are proceeding with games on the console, the Xbox 360 freezing up rather too frequently, the inability of Xbox to switch off automatically (so that you have to switch it off ‘coldly’ through the power button) are all signs that a Xbox 360 RROD is eminent.

Thankfully, the Xbox 360 RROD – which is said to be caused by faulty joinery in the graphics chip underlying the console – is one of the errors covered by the Microsoft Extended warranty(for three years from the date of purchase), so that if your Xbox 360 happens to suffered from the RROD during that period of time, you can have Microsoft repair it for you absolutely free of charge.

And if you had to write off your first Xbox 360 due to a red ring of death, you don’t have to give up on the Xbox 360 altogether, because all indications in recent Xbox 360 models are that Microsoft has put in place measures to check against the incidence of the RROD – so that it very rarely occurs in new models of the console.

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