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by Matacentauros

Article by Aladn Filtop

Excellent Features of Sony Playstation 3 160gb – Entertainment – Gambling

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One of the most popular and famous gaming consoles in the entire world is the Sony’s Playstation 3. It is not only just any gaming equipment but is primarily a home entertainment system. It has powerful graphics, heart-thumping digital sound system, mind blowing resolutions and a powerful micro processor to go with it. The cell processor is a key to its advanced features and lightening fast speed. This microprocessor was jointly made by technology giants Sony, IBM and Toshiba to aid their dream of inspiring gaming systems. Though there are many gaming systems in the UK market, this system is Sony’s weapon with which it can beat other similar products in terms of prices as well as technology.

=> Features of PS3 Slim:

Sony Playstation’s have a lot of diversity in their make and performance. There are 1, 2 and 3 versions of Playstation which differ in terms of their capability to handle certain technically advanced games and software. However, there are two major configurations of PlayStation 3 to look for when buying a PS3 bundle deal. One model has a hard drive of memory with 160 Gigabytes and the other has a memory of 320 Gigabytes of hard drive. Though these PS3 deals have huge differences in terms of software, free PS3 games, and memory capacity however, there are a few attributes which are common to both of them.

=> An Ethernet port worth 1 gigabyte

=> 4 USB ports for data transfer

=> 1 HDMI output

=> Composite, component and S-video with a dedicated AV cable

=> Optical audio output

=> Facility of Bluetooth

=> Apart from the above mentioned features, the Playstation console with memory capacity of 160GB also possesses these distinct features to boast of such as:

=> Built-in wireless connectivity with high speed and trouble-free connection

=> Slots for flash memory which can accept Memory Stick Duo, Secure Digital and Compact Flash

=> The new and upgraded console of Playstation is also able to support the following Dolby Digital of the version 5.1, DTS, LPCM, DSP

These newer PS3 Slim deals are slimmer in their appearance and look sophisticated and smart. They are equipped to play latest games and are in fact double up as digital data storage options as well. With superior technology and awesome displays, this gaming system is Sony’s product which has guaranteed a place in the gaming market in the world. These gaming systems have indeed changed the way virtual games are played.

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