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by The DEMO Conference

Human activities have resulted in a lot of waste being produced along with sinful damage to the environment. It is essential for managing the ever growing pollution globally and this can be done with effective management and technology. To reduce the impact of pollution that is caused by industrialization and the constant abuse to the environment in general it is essential for technologies to come forward to minimize the effects in order to conserve the environment.

If there is a steady dip in energy polluting emissions because of its consumption, it will see a definite increase in efficient technologies that will aim at providing a resourceful and cleaner solution, thereby reducing waste disposal issues. It is therefore necessary to create processes that are both friendly to the environment and as well as economically. One example that can be cited is of the traditional use of petroleum and coal for the use of energy can be replaced by solar power which is environmentally friendly as well.

Some Technologies involved in building and keeping the environment alive are;

Water purification is of great importance worldwide, and with the world consumption of water only increasing it is imperative that water is cleaned for the environment.

There are several activists and campaigns that are organised the world over and are engaged in helping to purify water.

Recycling is a method by which items can be recycled in such a way that it is viable for usage all over again. This is a phenomena that has caught on worldwide and also helps protect the environment from being used all over again to produce utilities like recyclable paper, cans etc. This reduces the waste pollution in the world.

Sewage treatment is almost similar to that of water purification.

This treatment ensures that impurities in water are removed with regards to levels in pollution. Polluted water cannot be used and water that is treated and impurities taken off can be supplied, since clean non polluted water is what can be used.

Solid waste management is the disposal, reuse, purification, treatment and consumption of solid waste material and is usually the responsibility of the ruling government of the town or city and if done appropriately is known as waste management.

Renewable Energy is energy that is drawn from renewable sources like water, sun and wind. And effectively using it to our advantage will help ensure that materials like wood, petroleum and coal do not get extinct.

With proper and efficient Environmental Technology management, we can surely make sure that our environment is treated with respect.

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